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  • Richard Marshall - 1 year ago

    Long overdue. Lots of work available. Will put Californians to work and create healthier forests. We need to rebuild our mill capacity as well.

  • Robert Bignami - 1 year ago

    When you bring "Climate Change" into the argument, you miss the point. The Climate always changes, is it changing faster than 60 years ago, I don't know; but this I do know, it only makes sense to run our lives and businesses in an ecological sound manner, however whatever your views are on "Climate Change" its not going to make ANY difference to the next wildfire. We must have defensible buildings, and we CAN manage our forests so that they are a productive and relatively safe environment. That productivity will only enhance the safety of our rural communities and add to their prosperity.

  • John Sanguinetti - 1 year ago

    Sure we can harvest more trees but will that actually. Reduce fires? The big unknown is can we grow more trees faster than they burn ?And youarent evenaddressinng climate change.

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