Which terms turn you off in a LinkedIn, Twitter profile, or speaker bio? (choose one or more) (Poll Closed)

  • Entrepreneur
    36 votes

  • Thought leader
    221 votes

  • Futurist
    220 votes

  • Keynote speaker
    63 votes

  • Social media ambassador
    217 votes

  • Innovator
    118 votes

  • Influencer
    205 votes

  • Disruptor
    263 votes



  • Been a long week - 1 year ago

    Disruptor. Really, that is just silly. Disruption does not mean a positive improvement or enhancement. It just sounds like more churn (read this as "change") just because it is different. As in this definition:, "to cause disorder or turmoil in".

    It is like when a vendor moves or changes a button, gizmo or other nice feature as an enhancement without it being requested. Or how about a screen color changes, just because it is prettier. That is disruption in my mind. Desirable: Nope.

  • jp - 1 year ago

    I can't believe " guru" didn't make it on the list. That one really bugs me.

  • Cosmos - 1 year ago

    Most of these terms are terrible, but I'm going to take an unpopular stand in defending "Thought Leader". There are some legitimate ones out there -- Atul Gawande and John Halamka come to mind -- who are actually pushing the envelope in terms of new thinking in health care. I will readily acknowledge that there are a lot of folks who use the term loosely and don't deserve it... I wish there was a way to ensure these terms are reserved for those who earn it.

  • Obedient Obie One - 1 year ago

    Disruptor is the worst. Who wants to deal with a disruptor, especially when it comes to healthcare or technology? Disruption brings to mind negative connotations, like telemarketers calling during dinner or mosquito bites. Our industry needs to get away from being disruptive and focus on conserving the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Jim Beall - 1 year ago

    Too bad there's not an "all of the above" option. Would have been my vote...

  • buzzword bingo - 1 year ago

    What we really need is a paradigm shift, a new type of leader who can disrupt the status quo of innovation, someone who can leverage the current state to build the foundation of a "new normal", synergizing the ambassadors of all social skills (not just classical social media), and lead future thought to the promised land.

    [p.s. Did I miss any buzzwords?]

  • HCIT Rodeo Queen - 1 year ago

    Keynote and Entrepreneur are the only titles that can be proven with a metric. The rest are all made up marketing mumbo jumbo. And I should know, I'm in marketing.

  • Title Smitle - 1 year ago

    Always disliked thought leader and futurist as I’ve yet to meet one that actually was. And don’t even get me started on social media ambassador. What a load of BS - rarely insightful and preponderance of selfies in their tweet stream.

  • Being Real - 1 year ago

    How have you not already posted such a survey! UGH. I am so over "Influencers" ..if you really were one, you wouldn't need to broadcast it. Same goes for "Futurists" "Thought-Leaders" "Visionaries" etc. etc.

    And Vendors...if you choose to be in that space, respect and honor those who are still fighting the good fight inside the 4-walls of healthcare. NO. EVEN if you have real healthcare experience, know your place.

  • Demo Chic - 1 year ago

    So tired of "social media influencers" and "social media ambassadors." Seems like many of them have nothing else to do than post on social media all day, while the rest of us are actually trying to get work done.

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