Best of CBB, 2018 (Vote for 10 of Your Favorites)

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  • Charlie - 6 years ago

    Is That a Joke? doesn't get enough praise. Probably my favorite of the year. Had me crying throughout the whole episode.

  • Krystal - 6 years ago

    The Ocean is full of broken hearts AND THE CAPTAIN IS A KISS

  • Tim - 6 years ago

    I know recent episodes often get overlooked in the voting but Alfred Molina flair belongs in the top 10

  • Kenneth Chambers - 6 years ago

    Dull Knives Sturdy Eyes HAS to be one of the funniest episodes ever! I can't be the only one who loves Big Grande.

  • PK - 6 years ago

    “Welcome to the Love Casino... Where I bet my heart on black!”

  • Kelsey G - 6 years ago

    I have been a weekly listener since 2014. Episode #557 - Word Down (Carl Tart, Madeline Walter) is one of the funniest episodes I've ever heard. Best of the year for sure!!!

  • genz - 6 years ago


  • Conor - 6 years ago

    Minute 15-30 of "558: Ship of Love" is the funniest segment of the year in my opinion... Martin Sheffield kills me... and apparently the people around him too.

  • Christian - 6 years ago

    Educainment Squad is probably my favorite episode ever. Anything with Thomas on the show is gold.

  • Aaron - 6 years ago

    My favorite Ep #531 - Atmosphere Bully (Todd Glass, James Adomian & Nicole Byer)

  • Ken - 6 years ago

    Educainment Squad looks like a solid #1 out the gate
    I expect Merry Chunky Christmas with NPH cold water CBB immersion to be up there
    C'mon bake bake was sneaky excellent
    My final call is definitely Johnny Pacquiao (CLOVIS MANDRAKE)

  • Demi - 6 years ago

    I'm still waiting for "Jesus is my One True Savior" by Martin Sheffield Lickly from Ship of Love to be available on iTunes.

  • Ali Rodriguez - 6 years ago

    As usual Gabrus and PFT are amazing, but this year's MVP was Shaun Diston / Rudi North. So funny every single time!

  • Matt - 6 years ago

    Silence sour Skittles!

  • Quinn Myers - 6 years ago

    it's time to get The Boys in a best of...


  • Cam - 6 years ago

    I'm relatively new to the podcast, and Merry Chunky Christmas was the episode that made me a listener for life. Definitely my favorite, along with Ship of Love and C'Mon Bake Bake.

  • Being Nice - 6 years ago

    I hope to God Sean and Hayes take it with best episode this year. Parking lot Scott would go full parking lot.

  • kk - 6 years ago

    M Y S O N ' S D E A D

  • APN - 6 years ago

    Appetizer PeeE Neur for punchline of the year

  • keeley mcwilliam - 6 years ago

    Educainment squad is the funniest episode of all years

  • K. Kypers - 6 years ago

    "Hootie Hoo" and "C'mon Bake Bake" are basically the perfect examples of Comedy Bang Bang. Each new person/character introduced compliments everything that happened prior in the most absurd but organic ways.

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    Shaun Diston / Rudi North for this year's MVP.

    "At first it was a scam...I was petrified!"

  • Steve Taylor - 6 years ago

    Dash Grabum deserves praise!

  • Elke Bruton - 6 years ago

    Educainment FTW. #1 with a bullet?

  • KY Logan - 6 years ago

    Glad to see folks talking about Ship of Love. I usually don't vote for Best Of's but something about that episode stuck with me and brought me to the polls! Other than that, you gotta show some love to the boys, Sean and Hayes, and anything with Carl Tart or Andy Daly.

  • Reamonn Tiu - 6 years ago

    Wow, no Brendon Smalls this year? Still a strong lineup. Drew Tarver, Carl Tart, and Shaun Diston were all hilarious. And Horatio was with Thomas which has to be in the top 5. Horatio and Brendon are always funny but sometimes they get stuck on episodes that aren't that good. Andy Daly, PFT, and Jason..any mix of those guys and you will always get a great episode.

  • Sara - 6 years ago

    Ship of love killed me and brought me back from the dead. most deserving of #1 spot for sure

  • xx_boyzfan_xx - 6 years ago

    69 Show Pitches. Do it for them.

  • Lee - 6 years ago

    Bub Bub Bub! Merry Chunky Christmas!

  • Bryce - 6 years ago

    Jessica McKenna rocked this year! But the best episode was BIG CHUNKY BUBBLES!

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    Educainment Squad is an easy #1 for me. Cmon Bake Bake, Air Lift Me Out and Rope Beats Rock are amazing too

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    Everyone is talking about Ship of Love but PLEASE do not sleep on Drew's first musical appearance in This Is The Story Of My Life

  • Jack Ferwerda - 6 years ago

    I am a stitcher premium member .. Big fan of CBB .. I would say by far my favorite epidode this year is .. Educainment squad. (Makin it in makin with Peppers and his Mom .. Choked me up..).. Next up are the andy daly episodes .. Love the fight to the death between horse and shark also glad to hear u made some money off that wager! Good to see Adomian still on the show .. And always Love Wierd Al .. (My all time favorite from way back .. Wierd Al episode with Andrew Lloyd Webber and "hotting air balloon" lol .. Since you've been gone" just thought I'ld throw in a blast from the past..) Anyways awesome work Scott and the gang. P.s. oh and threedom was lots of fun!

  • Jake - 6 years ago

    “My son’s dead!”

  • DubpR - 6 years ago

    Any Andy Daly guest appearance should be on there! Cheesing the Wave D-Hole is a classic

  • Bliss Bar - 6 years ago

    546 For The Boys
    553 & 562 For The Shermies

  • Kevin’s Stepdad - 6 years ago

    KEVIN! Get in the house RIGHT NOW!

  • PFT’s stalker - 6 years ago

    Hot Dog’s new podcast “Are you sha na na-ing to me R-E me?” made me cry.

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    Is that a joke? For the win

  • Elonia - 6 years ago

    I have had a running note in my phone all year for this very moment

  • Randy - 6 years ago

    NPH for #1!

  • Joe - 6 years ago

    Low Five!!!

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    Educainment Squad! Heeee!

  • Mart - 6 years ago

    Jen and barry’s frozen ice is just ridiculous.

  • Tubbet - 6 years ago

    Gotta give it up for Educainment Squad

  • Lol F. Tompkins - 6 years ago

    Ship of Love has me crying every time I listen to it. Pleeeeease let it be on the top ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve - 6 years ago

    I have listened to Gil Ozeri's Bane segment (Ep 567) about 7 times, and it never gets old.

  • Man from Heynong - 6 years ago

    Any episode with Big Grande is always an A+ from me. Those guys are hilarious

  • Jacob - 6 years ago

    This is looking like Ego's year. Hopefully Paul does not grow to hate her as well as Tommy Middle-D

  • Neato As Fuck - 6 years ago

    The 2017 Holiday Special, for Adomian as Chris Matthews alone, and a possible underdog vote for Merry Chunky Christmas with Neil Patrick Harris. Also some others!!!

  • Hollywood Handtriumphantlysignalingvictory - 6 years ago

    69 Show Pitches was a very funny, smart and nice episode. One of the best of the year, hands down (not on any brakes)

  • Holly Wood Handbrake - 6 years ago

    69 show pitches is not good y’all. Sean and Hayes are fine but that show was not great.

  • Pip Shiply - 6 years ago

    I voted strictly based on wetness.

  • Dan Last name withheld - 6 years ago

    Who is the nite-wolf?

  • Colin - 6 years ago

    I voted a straight Teacher's Lounge ticket.

    Dull Knives, Sturdy Eyes
    Ship of Love
    Chekhov’s Phone

  • Mick - 6 years ago

    They've'nt yet (Daniel Faraway) and 69 Show Pitches!

  • VDOGG - 6 years ago

    Low key favorite: Solid As A Rock

  • Lisa Linguist - 6 years ago

    DJ Forsythia's landlord/lover is still a piece of shit, Bean Dip is going to continue pushing down the girl at the front desk of the spa at the W, and I'm concerned that I'll be served a dessert of nothing but Sour Patch Kids at any moment.

  • Joe - 6 years ago

    Don't forget about Bean Dip, Larry the Loner or Kiwi Kris!!

  • Jeff X - 6 years ago

    Word Up!

  • Bryan - 6 years ago

    I have listened to Educainment Squad at least 4 or 5 times. It's so ridiculous and funny.

    Couple other great moments I can remember off the top were the 69 show pitches, pro gamers Erupt and Sweatch, and Bane's stand up.

  • Robbie G - 6 years ago

    69 Show Pitches!

  • Samuel Feinberg - 6 years ago

    Lots of great CBB eps to choose from this year! The show is as strong as it's ever been IMO. New stars (and already departed to NY stars!) like Ego, Shaun and Madeline have really helped to bolster the show weekly with hilarious, off-the-wall characters.

    Top 5 this year for me: Ship of Love, Educainment Squad, Calvins Triplets, Hootie Hoo, and 69 Show Pitches.

    Honorable mention: C'mon Bake Bake and Big Ben Minus Ten, which split the vote on British bake-officers, the two anniversary shows (which are so stacked it's almost like cheating) and The Dirty 27, with Tom Middleditch and Shaun Diston teaming up.

    Character of the year: Rudi North! Shaun Diston makes me laugh non-stop every time he comes on and does this fan-favorite character, whose powers seem to grow with every appearance.

  • Crybaby Jones - 6 years ago

    Get your jokes about I, Robot out now, people. That door is closing quickly!

  • Beau Batchelor - 6 years ago

    Educainment squad!!

  • Alex - 6 years ago


  • E - 6 years ago

    Educainment squad all the way! He was a famous child molester, infamous.

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    Best of CBB 2018.... Four words...

  • Nick - 6 years ago

    It's the bane of my existence!

  • Kevin’s Dad - 6 years ago

    I voted!

  • Kevin - 6 years ago

    Ship of Love for #1!

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