What Was the Best Season Finale?

  • School Raze
    217 votes

  • Shadow Play
    281 votes

  • To Where And Back Again
    421 votes

  • The Cutie Re-Mark
    343 votes

  • Twilight's Kingdom
    1,088 votes

  • Magical Mystery Cure
    248 votes

  • A Canterlot Wedding
    721 votes

  • Best Night Ever
    186 votes


Poll posted 11 months ago.

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  • azita - 1 month ago


  • Joshua Moudy - 10 months ago

    Aren't they all good finales in their own merit?

  • Meta X - 10 months ago

    Pah. I just don't understand what people find of so special in To Where and Back Again. It's an abominable episode that openly treated the Mane 6 like garbage with no value only for the sake of giving 4 popular secondary characters the spotlight. There was no need to treat the pulsing cores of the whole show like that in order to give other characters the spotlight. School Raze did something similar but so much better (and personally I found it even more entertaining thanks to Cozy Glow and her shenigangs), and yet it's second to last in the poll while TWABA is on the bronze place... this makes me very concerned about the reception of the series finale next year, as I'm worried that people will pan it for being focused on the Mane 6 like it should be in the first place.... I pray that it's not gonna happen

  • Moist hag - 10 months ago

    I'm surprised school raze wasn't last place. Even I think Best Night Ever was better than that episode. Here's my list:
    1.) Canterlot Wedding
    2.) Magical Mystery Cure & Twilights Kingdom
    3.) Shadow Play
    4.) To where and Back Again
    5.) Best Night Ever
    6.) Cutie remark
    7.) School Raze

  • Pony Abstract - 10 months ago

    It's a close call for me between Twilight's Kingdom and School Raze. I really enjoyed them both but Twilights Kingdom had DBZ Fights and lasers!! It also left me with a overwhelming feeling of joy at the end that felt accomplished (It almost brought me to tears)

  • Anonymouse - 10 months ago

    A Canterlot Wedding is the winner for the most Disney-esque - the princess to be wed, the evil queen, and especially the This Day Aria.

    Twilight's Kingdom is the winner for most action packed, a villain from long ago drains all of Equestria of it's power, growing into a literal giant, and culminating with the Twilight and Tirek battle being straight up Pony + DBZ = amazing.

    But I think The Best Night Ever really is the most "My Little Pony" style season ending we ever got, focused not on some life- or kingdom- or world- threatening peril, but instead just on the characters learning and growing as they try and internalize the reality of The Grand Galloping Gala against their own built up expectations. It's unlikely to be many people's favorite, but it will always hold a special place for me.

  • Jimmy Hook - 10 months ago

    Season 3 Finale for me =3

  • J47fly - 10 months ago

    Twilight's Kingdom. Though I wish that could've been the 2017 movie than an episode series.

  • Memebyerin - 10 months ago

    S2 - Canterlot Wedding
    S3 - Magical Mystery Cure
    S4 - Twilight's Kingdom
    S7 - Shadow Play
    S8 - School Raze

    S6 - To Where and Back Again
    S5 - Cutie Remark
    S1 - The Best Night Ever

    2/3/4/7/8 = I consider to be among my favourite episodes of the show
    1/5/6 = Even if they aren't my favourite i'd still call them among the best of the show.
    I don't think we've had a 'bad' finale episode yet. Or even a mediocre one.

  • Misscellanio - 10 months ago

    The Cutie Re-Mark, Twilight's Kingdom, To Where and Back Again, and Magical Mystery Cure were all too amazing!!!!
    My least fav was probably A Canterlot Wedding or Best Night Ever (still like them tho)

  • Equus Profugus - 10 months ago

    Plot twist: The poll closes before SR gets any votes.

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