How would you have handled this situation?

  • Mary - 2 years ago

    It would have been been so much more fun and effective for EVERYONE to loudly talk into their cell phones and have the whole room yap away at the top of their lungs until she could not hear herself. Perhaps then she might have gotten the message. Humor works better than anger.

  • Peggy - 2 years ago

    The lady may have been on medicine
    She may be manic
    We should be grateful it’s not our diagnosis

  • Meg - 2 years ago

    I find the results of this poll most interesting. It's a mini version of what our society is becoming. Trending toward live and let live no matter the behavior. it is trickling down to how we raise our children and the resulting tender young adults that they have become. This will come home to roost. The job of older members of society is to keep order for the good of all. In a responsible nice way but still do it!

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