What was your first reaction to Black Book's survey naming Allscripts the #1 integrated EHR/PM? (Poll Closed)

  • The #1 ranking makes sense to me.
    471 votes

  • I question Black Book's survey wording or analysis methods.
    55 votes

  • I question whether enough users of each system responded.
    18 votes

  • I question the knowledge or motivation of the respondents.
    26 votes

  • I question whether Allscripts had some influence over the result.
    64 votes

  • I don't care about the results.
    67 votes



  • Bill Fu - 1 year ago

    there is no use doing online survey, the # is easily manipulated but I am glad I voted for "I question whether Allscripts had some influence over the result."

  • RyanfromMichigan - 1 year ago

    If they were bots, they appeared to have stopped. The number of votes was shooting up, with nearly 200 votes saying "The #1 Ranking makes sense to me" from 8:00-9:00 EDT. The same answer only received one vote from 9:00-10:00 EDT, while only 15 or so votes came in.

    Someone is definitely messing with the results of this poll.

  • Dr. Gonzo - 1 year ago

    I agree - very strange. I've rarely seen that many respondents after a week or two. Black Book's Bots?

  • RyanfromMichigan - 1 year ago

    Does anyone find it suspicious that this survey already had 433 respondents in less than 24 hours of posting, when last week's survey only had 330 respondents after a week of being posted? 272 of these votes are in favor of Allscripts....hmmmm.

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