Did Will and Sonny treat Paul badly?

  • Antonella - 3 years ago

    Absolutely not! Paul was just an interloper, one of the worst character in soaps I have ever seen. He never had a chance with Wilson. He had Sonny just because Will was dead and had Will just because the guy had amnesia. As Ron Carlivati said WilSon was the endgame and thwt just accelerated the reunion when Christopher Sean decided to leave. I'm so happy he's gone. WilSon forever!

  • Sunshine - 3 years ago

    They absolutely did not treat Paul poorly. Paul jumped into both relationships knowing the score between Will and Sonny. If anything, Paul set up his own downfall in the relationships by committing to people who would ultimately be unavailable. I mean, it wasn't unreasonable to think Will was a goner but once he came back to town there was only one way it was ever going to end. Sorry, not sorry dude.

  • Suzy - 3 years ago

    I don't like the story don't like the way I've always treated don't care about well and sunny being together I'm over it

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