Should Surrey scrap the RCMP and set up its own police force?

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Poll posted 11 months ago.


  • concerned citizen - 7 months ago

    .The new force will be no different. Stop panicking and solve the problem with strategics, Don't implement new techniques before testing. We teach our kids and grand kids to trust the police. Don't let them see such force in public areas for no reason. Who will they grow up fearing ??? YOU the police You need additional staff in the office with skills to pin point your IHIT attacks better chance of success Good job RCMP you are more visible and that makes me feel safe Thank you

  • tommy lee - 8 months ago

    safe surrey won because it preyed on peoples fear that things were worst then they are... sad

  • Jan - 10 months ago

    Changing to a private police force from RCMP is the most ridiculous & costly plan ever thought of!! Safe Surrey??? It sure won't be if this goes ahead. You think RCMP has failed; try & get this crazy plan off the ground with any reasonable amount of time & cost efficiencies. We'll all be paying a lot more for a less manageable & effective system. Take a look at the stats. We haven't even been presented any factual data on actual costs & initialization timeframes. And now McCallum is trying to hire VPD to help develop a private Surrey force; has he even done any basic research on this whole idea??? For a group that ran on a "safety" platform, this is complete hypocrisy. If anything, this plan should go to a vote by Surrey residents to decide once detailed costs & projections can be presented. In the meantime, our policing under RCMP should be kept up to necessary standards. Come on McCallum--put your "safe surrey" priority in action now; invest in our current safety needs rather than cut it to pieces even more just to justify your own agenda!!

  • Kavita - 10 months ago

    RCMP fail big time. FAIL.

  • Jim Owens - 10 months ago

    We already voted on this. That's why Safe Surrey won.
    Is there something You think to make everyone change mind?
    Or You just didn't like the results?
    Cheers, Jim

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