Were Gina Rodriguez's comments on the gender pay gap offensive?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 5 years ago

    The stats she quoted are ones I've heard before & the article about the top paid actresses was focusing on that subgroup of women, not women across the workforce. I don't particularly care for her, but I think she was unfairly pounced on because people just don't like her. I can see why she was hesitant to say anything at all. I don't know what to tell her short of "Say fewer things"????????‍♀️

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    I just wanted to watch Jane the virgin and now people are canceling Gina. Ill have to Fauxcot and not watch that show anymore...

  • Tina Noire - 6 years ago

    I think her comments would have been met with better reception if she explained by intersectionality she likely meant woman, then p.o.c., then her specific group. I voted no in the poll but it seems that she often (this panel, with Yara, the girls trip tweet) isn't opposed to black women but also doesn't verbally acknowledge that seeing progress made by black people or ventures celebrating us, she wishes the same for her own community. Without having said it and there being an automatic mistrust for her (because of those white passing latinx and antiblackness that can be found in pretty much any community), it is not assumed that her point includes or acknowledges hard fought battles by black communities. But Gabriel didn't feel alarmed so perhaps there is some understanding by individuals who have direct interactions with her that she is not among the anti black latinx people. In that room and in that conversation I definitely trust that Gabrielle would have countered her point if Gina was expressing antiblackness. Instead, Gabrielle pointed out the strides Gina has made in increasing visibility for latinx women and the value of the projects she has chosen.

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