Did you know what bulletball was before this episode?

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Posted 6 months.


  • Scrum Master Flash - 5 months ago

    This was an instant classic episode! I’m saving to relisten just so I can steal some of the puns and gems dropped. It was nice to hear Justin outside of the premium feed.

  • CT - 5 months ago

    Once I listen to this episode, it will be the third time I’ve heard you explain what Bulletball is. Every time it’s funny. Every time gets more ridiculous. And I can’t wait for another year to come around so y’all can break it down.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 5 months ago

    I heard you guys explain it about a year or two ago, and it is still just as funny to hear TBGWT comments. J-Trill's added jokes was a bonus. Thanks for the laughs. Bulletball extreme!!!!

  • Anthony Animal Thug Tatum - 5 months ago

    I love when bullet ball gets revisted. I think a script workshop For "Rocket Ball & Rocket Ball Extreme" A working title so bullet ball gets no money. I know y'all had Terrence Howard in mind but I see Denzel in a John Q. style role. I wish I could animate this.

  • Nicole - 5 months ago

    This was the best recap so far...so glad I wasn't listening on the train for once, I couldn't stop laughing. I did spit up my mouthwash all over the sink and was inspired to go back and listen to an older recap where I was reminded of the True Blood Days. Such a treat!

  • Mike in London - 5 months ago

    I haven't listened to this episode all through yet as I am weeks behind, so I don;t know if you already said this, but the bulletball song always reminds me of "The Message". Not that I am a big rap fan, but that song was on the radio a lot when my children were small in the 80s. "you'll admire all the bulletball players, thugs pimps and pushers and the big money-makers, physically challenged, large and small..."

  • Mike in London - 5 months ago

    Any gender! Large or small ! He was too far ahead of his time.

  • Derrick - 5 months ago

    It gets funnier everytime you explain it lol

  • Omar C - 5 months ago

    Only because of this show and previous episodes with the Bulletball Rap

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