Do you think that taxes on mobile cards should be re-imposed and go to Dam Fund?

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  • wasif hameed - 6 hours ago

    my mind is saying there are tow think 1 think best for those pepole who is working in others country they are so happy about the moble text . and other think which is not best for big bussiness mans which are using the 2 ,3 mobile so that is not good for them, thats my opinium ,


  • Awaiz Burat - 1 week ago

    Taxes have been for so many years. There was no purpose. And even they were taxing the thieves. But now you have to pay tax for -DAM-

  • Owais - 2 weeks ago

    No way. Lower middle class is already paying lot of taxes. This is totally unfair. I'm against it.

  • Jahil awam - 2 weeks ago

    The mobile companies sucking out billions of Rs. per month should be forced to pay in the Dam Fund. Any tax on these companies will be transferred over to the general public as there is no price control system. Competition Commission of Pakistan is too lame to act in favor of the poor people of the country. Many of them have constructed homes so early into their career for obvious reason.

  • Hamed - 3 weeks ago


  • Dr ahmad ali - 3 weeks ago

    Dam ka pasa aur mulq k qarze gharib awam k bajae un logon se wusool karain jinhon ne mulq ko loot k iss halat tak poncha dia ha..mara khayal cruption k cases ko jald se jald anjam tak poncha k un logon se pasa wusool kar k dam bi banain jain aur qarza bi khatam karwain....

  • MUHAMMAD YASIR - 3 weeks ago

    No, taxes on mobile cards should not be imposed for Dam Fund, as not all peoples agree on this, and one should not get the donation against one's willingness.

  • Muhammad Ahmed - 3 weeks ago

    No Way.. Chief Justice is Mantel person in all over the world.. is Duffer is farig kar Doo .. awam per bus Tax lagna ata hai is sub ko..

  • Sumbulwara - 3 weeks ago


  • Tanveer Ahmed - 3 weeks ago


  • Armaghan - 3 weeks ago

    em not against dam fund but this is not the way you are asking donations...
    if you say this is tax and government do whatever they want, its good but if you are saying this is donation and go directly to the dam fund then this is not fair.
    donation is what you gave happily, i guess not everyone is happy on this deduction...

  • Jahangir Agha - 3 weeks ago

    I am against it. Her cheez ka bas asan hal mobile top-ups pe tax laga do. Agar yehi karna hai to phir DAM k bad kisi aur cheez ke liye shuru kar dengay k ab ye tax DAM fund k bajae ABC fund me jaega.

  • Zohaib - 3 weeks ago

    Not a better for peoples.

  • Rohail Amjad - 3 weeks ago

    Not at

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