Did Ava and Ryan in bed not sit well with you?

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  • Sharon Jesse - 6 years ago

    That was the most disgusting disturbing scene I have ever watched. It was vile and twisted and so beneath GH. Why they had to kill Kiki off in this manner is beyond me. The whole Ryan story is sick and twisted. I don't even want to watch anymore. The only positive is this show isn't loaded with people that have been killed off or supposedly killed off only to have them return when the happy couple finally gets back together, and yes I am talking about Days of our Lives. Watching these people that have been brought back makes me want to puke. I have to fast forward because I can't stand to watch a show that was my favorite being flushed down the toilet. Y&R is heading in the same direction. If the writers don't get it together soon there won't be any viewers left to watch.

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