Were you thrilled to see Kate Mansi back?


  • Linda Haynes - 5 years ago

    Give me the.blond Abigail back. I CANNOT STAND BIG EARS

  • Emmy - 5 years ago

    One Abby had blue eyes & the other has brown eyes. .....sort of unrealistic. Like both Abbys

  • Jeana - 5 years ago

    Kate Mansi will do great filling in as Abigail for a short while. Chad and Abby will be gone in a few months anyway.

  • Sharon marzullo - 5 years ago

    Wish Gaby would get busted . Also wish Chad would wake the hell up and see what really is going on. And think hope should give ben a chance. And give her daughter the benefit that she raised her right and knows what she is doing instead of going behind her husband back especially for the slime ball ted. I think bo should be brought back

  • Sharon marzullo - 5 years ago

    Always wanted Kate Mansi back never really liked the other one. Kate Mansi plays Abby better. Was real glad to see her back

  • Linda Dawson Dawson - 5 years ago

    Get rid of guy who is threatening Sonny and Will.He needs to really get "wacked" as the mafia. Would say..His acting is awful and he's annoying

  • Linda Dawson Dawson - 5 years ago

    So glad to see her back.She always played someone with class.When she was having affair with E.J. she was awsome .When u switched to the red head nothing was the same.Now we need the old E.J. back.Gosh he was good.LVD.HIS PART.NEEDS TO COME BACK AND GET RID OF STEFAN.

  • Florence - 5 years ago

    Don’t like the new abbey the least she could have made her hair blonde I like the others abbey get her back this is no good

  • Leslie Pickett - 5 years ago

    I Like Kate Mansi playing Abigail, But the Truth is Kate has To Step Up her Acting! The Last Person playing her character, Brought her Character Abigail, From Boring to Interesting. KATE MANSI HAS A LOT TO PROVE! THE LAST ABIGAIL WAS SPECTACULAR! AS ABBY.

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    These gals have to be set up by DOOL powers that be....look at the real fan club daily comments....it is a disaster.

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    You are kidding..she is terrible....it is horrible watching kate m. Interact with chad......no chemistry at alk....ita just too late and will never happen.

  • TiaJuanita - 5 years ago

    This is the real Abigail, I love Kate's acting, welcome back!

  • michelle polle - 5 years ago

    I want the other abigail back...It totally throws off the whole feel when you change actress. It isnt right.

  • Lorena - 5 years ago

    I love Kate mansi!! So glad your back as Abby!! You’re not only beautiful but your acting is so convincing. Big fan!! xoxoxo

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