Have you ever been to Scotland?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Lyn - 2 weeks ago

    I just spent 3 weeks driving around Scotland and it’s the most stunning place I’ve ever seen. Traced my family tree back to Robert the Bruce which was a surprise. Livingstone is my family name and there is lots of history there as well.
    I love the outlander series and the place that made me smile the most was Lallybrook I’m not sure why but it did. I could have sat on that step all day. Being from Australia we don’t have history like that some of the castles we saw have swords on the walls older than our country. I absolutely fell in love with Scotland ❤️

  • Laura Rotegard - 2 weeks ago

    I wish I could have chosen 3 of these answers . I planned to visit after reading the books . I just returned from my first visit inspired by the beauty of the landscape shown in the TV series and I took and Outlander Tour (highlandertours.com) for 2 days while I was there for a music festival and to recon the West Highland Way. AND I plan to return summer 2019 to continue exploring the Highlands. Absolutely beautiful country with terrific citizens .

  • Gina Emory - 2 weeks ago

    When we planned our first trip abroad in 2006 I took the opportunity to fulfill my dream of going to Scotland - a dream that was a result of reading Outlander starting in 1994. It was a dream come true and we long to go back!

  • Cathy Schuler - 2 weeks ago

    Read the books startung in 1999. Loved that the show was coming. Went to Scotland for our 40th anniversary last year. Got to go on one outlander tour but there weren’t that many as it seems that there are a lot more now. Would love to go back and take a more detailed tour and visit the places we didn’t have time to see.

  • Sandra - 2 weeks ago

    My paternal grandmother came from Scotland. I have wanted to visit there for many years. When I began to read the Outlander series, my interest increased. The show cemented the deal, and now I have to visit Scotland, not only where my grandmother is from but the entire country!

  • Rachel - 2 weeks ago

    I've been visiting Scotland for the last 34 years (dad's family is Scottish). Found DG's books in 2000 when I was at Culloden.

  • Sue - 3 weeks ago

    My mother was Scottish, although there are no close family left now. Her mother was a Mackenzie

  • Sue - 3 weeks ago

    My mother was Scottish, although there are no close family left now. Her mother was a Mackenzie ????

  • Lou - 3 weeks ago

    Was always interested in Scotland due to my Forbes family connections. Now would like to go again to see the locations used in the series.

  • Janet Flemmons - 3 weeks ago

    Was fortunate to live in Glasgow for 2 years in the last 90’s. Unfortunately I’d never heard of Outlander at the time. Now that I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve read them all (4, or is it 5???) I plan to return next year. It’s in my heart.

  • Linda - 3 weeks ago

    Scotland trip was result of genealogy research and discovery. The Outlander books weren’t the inspiration but did increase fascination.

  • Bonnie Epperson-Wick - 3 weeks ago

    More than one applied but only one could be checked. I fell in love with the books a long time ago, but S1 was a love letter to Scotland so I had to go. I need to go back, once is not enough.

  • Linda - 3 weeks ago

    I have been to Scotland, was always a dream of mine. I am a Watson, under the buccanen clan, I have read Diana's books from the beginning and fell in love with her story and characters, so have followed her characters through all these years. I have been to a signing and talk by herself in Phoenix, AZ a couple of winters ago. So yes m an Outlander fan.

  • Hilda - 3 weeks ago

    Loved Scotland, have read Diana's book since the beginning.

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