Who do you like better... Quinn or Donna?


  • jake Dumas - 3 years ago

    and i think that Pam is way better person than Quinn because when Stephanie died it upset her and Pam is Stephanie’s sister and Quinn have no right to tell Pam what to do and Quinn better stop being a butt and don’t even interfer in Pam’s wedding and Quinn had a nerve to tear up Stephanie’s portrait and and Pam will come back and team up with Brooke to take Quinn down and Brooke will keep Quinn busy while Pam goes get her sister’s portrait back up on Eric’s mantel and if Quinn tries to stop Pam for do it and push her then Eric will come in and caught Quinn red handed and that will be the last final straw and files divorce papers and fire her from forrester creation and Quinn don’t you dare hurt Pam because Pam is kind of old and fragile and grieving over her sister and Brooke is right that Quinn is the same Quinn that hurts people because of her temper and Brooke will get Eric is see it and Brooke will win the war and get rid of Quinn once and for all and take back ridge and have a wedding renewal

  • Jackie Hadley - 5 years ago

    What did she ever do to you to you want her to lose her job. I think she’s a very good actress. She does an awesome job as Quinn. I hope she’s Eric wife forever

  • Pertrina Lightbourne - 5 years ago

    Quinn is not the woman for Eric and she is ta very wicked person. She should be out of the show altogether, and put somebody else in her place.Ilove watching The Bold & the Beautiful from it's inexrevption.

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