Do you think that overall the situation in Mexico will improve under AMLO or get worse?

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Posted 8 months.


  • Peter von Gundlach - 6 months ago

    He seems to be setting the example by eschewing the unlimited entitlements and total impunity of past leaders.
    His biggest challenge will be to replace the criminal organizational structures with something more rewarding.

    He often appears to me to be Pres.Trump's doppleganger., as Trump appears to be his as well.

    Yes, in spite of some of his unfortunate cabinet picks, I see him as a breath of fresh air. who will help Mexico progress.

  • David Callèo - 6 months ago

    Please work on getting the largest underwater phospahte find in the world approved so that you may be able to feed all people of Mexico !
    Don Diego

  • Italia gorino - 7 months ago

    Excellent news well balanced

  • Jose - 7 months ago

    Tiene que leer el novela ............ you must read the novel "THE EMPTY PIÑATA PRESIDENT" ....................

    paralelos muy interesantes con la nueva presidencia y lo que bien podría pasar en México. Muy profetico.

    very interesting parallels with new presidency and what might well happen in Mexico. Very prophetic.

  • Robert Ballard - 7 months ago

    Countries are strong economically, when the people say enough and demand change as an example. In the 1930's gangsters virtually ran most of Americas largest cities . Best example of this was Chicago bought and paid for by Al Capone. Al Capone was making 22 to 23 million dollars every 2 weeks by selling illegal booze during Prohibition.. He controled the politicians the cops and most of the Judges as well.
    Even after the St. Vaentines day massacre it took 5 plus years to convict Capone, not on murder or illegal booze, but of tax fraud and evasion. This was possible, because unlike other mob bosses who kept a low profile and a low level of violence Capone was the opposite. The citizens of Chicago demanded help and Capone spent 11 years in Federall prison, but it took the actions and the support of ordinary citizens to end his corruption.. More than 300 plus people died in helping the police and the FBI bring Capone to justice when will Mexicans, be willing to do such a thing..
    I don't believe the Mexican people have that kind of GRIT and COURAGE in them. They are always complaining and whinning but, they won't take action to bring about change and deaths will be necessary to bring this about. Until the Mexican people are willing to die corruption and criminality will continue to Flourish in Mexico..

  • Jerome R Petruk - 7 months ago

    It will get worse. The history of socialism is constantly one of failed expectations because nobody, nowhere, is going to waste their life in the misguided service of the lazy.

  • ROSENDO GUTIERREZ - 7 months ago

    We are watching, praying for your health and resolve, from an ex-Campechano, living in LA God bless!

  • Umut Karzai - 7 months ago

    Until Mexicans are ready to put their lives on the line.. Until Mexicans stop saying " We're in Mexico!!" Until people care enough Mexico will continue to be corrupt and crooked. Leaders can only do, so much, if their people aren't willing to follow and show some GUTS of their own and stop making excuses.. The old saying " you get the government you deserve!!"
    What Mexicans put up with on a daily basis is a crime in itself and no one rich or poor are willing to stand UP and do something AMLO can only do so much until the Mexican people STOP MAKING EXCUSES for the CORRUPTION and CRIMINALITY!!

  • martha curiel - 7 months ago

    i certainly hope so, so much corruption, lets give the new president a chance.

  • Steve Pado - 7 months ago

    Just make sure you approve the Don Diego Project so México can feed their people !

  • George - 7 months ago

    Who really knows? The results will speak for themselves. Many who didn’t vote for Trump at least sighed and said, “Well, let’s give him a chance.” And we’re seeing now for ourselves after almost two years.

    Let’a Give AMLO a chance, which wasn’t listed as an option in this survey.

  • Johnnie - 7 months ago

    If the people of Mexico would stick together more and be united Mexico would be more prosperous and there would be more harmony.mexicans need to stop hating each other like Americans hate each other and everyone else .

  • Ken Holmes - 7 months ago

    People have so little faith that things will get better under AMLO for the simple reason that, despite promises in the past. things never did get better.. Let us hope that this time it will be different here in Mexico. A HOPEFUL MEXICAN CITIZEN!

  • Barbara Goodwin - 7 months ago

    I have lived in Mexico for over30 years. I can honestly say that I have never heard any of my Mexican friends or acquaintances believe that things are going to get better under any administration. If there's a string of pot holes "It's our governments fault" If the peso takes a nosedive "It's our government". If the streets flood, if the trash doesn't get picked up, if a candidate has a string of "novias", if there are dead dolphins on t he beach "It's our government's fault". The cynicism seems to be universal. People vote but one doesn't get the feeling that it's with any faith that things are going to change. Currently the peso is at just of 20 to buy dollars. A friend said, "That's just because AMLO just got sworn in to office. People aren't sure what's going to happen. And also it's close to Christmas. The peso always goes up this time of years. But wait until after the first of the year; the peso will go down again. Trust me. I've seen the same thing over and over again for decades". Taxes for businesses are very high (30%) and there's no avoiding it. If there is little business, owners get angry a nd discouraged. "It's the government's fault" Nothing is going to change for the poor; that's what they are resigned to and the middle class will continue to struggle just stay above water. The super-rich have no worries. As they say in Mexico, it's not what you know; it's who you know.

  • Maria - 7 months ago

    Changes will happen But not all he promised To many crooks they will try to stop him from doing it all

  • Larry Knowlton - 7 months ago

    Assuming the new President remains healthy, and i pray that he does............Mexico will improve,

    the sad part is that it has to get much worse before it can get better. I am not saying that the

    corruption will get worse, im just thinking that the corrupt ones are not going to go out easily and

    therefore the violence may get much worse than it has been. Look at how the corrupt ones in the u.s.

    keep fighting to hang on to power, sweeping out the trash or draining the swamp has never been easy.

    I pray for Gods blessings on Mexico and the people here.

  • ILANA G HOLLOWAY - 7 months ago

    I am sure the life of the pour population will improve.

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