Do you think the UberEats people eat your fries?

  • Kedesha - 2 years ago

    I think the Uber eats is fake, I deliver for uber and every McDonald's has the taps that seal the bags closed. This just seems like something they did for more listeners.

  • CT - 2 years ago

    One last thing. I think everyone ASSUMES that some fries go missing before you go get your food. So you know what people probably aren't out here ordering? FRIES. Order rice, cause it's too messy and too obvious to go through the food. Order pizza because you know if someone bite out the pizza. Order LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. You don't want your fries eaten, go down the street and pick them up.

    I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying I understand lol.

  • CT - 2 years ago

    I started laughing at the UberEats story.

    I used to get my husband McDonalds all the time because it's quick and he likes it. And his fries have never made it home without me having at least five fries out his bag. Of course he's my husband and i feel like when he married me, he also agreed to share everything with me, to include his fries.

    I can't lie ya'll. If I was an Uber driver, the price of the picking up your food is whatever Uber pays me + 3 fries!! That's why I don't do Uber eats. Cause I cannot guarantee all your food is gonna make it from the restaurant to your door without a CT tax. This was REAL funny. Thanks for sharing!

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