Should London Police Service name and shame accused drunk drivers?

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Poll posted 11 months ago.


  • Chris - 10 months ago

    If you're going to publish the names, you have to do it for ALL offenders, including minors under the age of 18 who still drink and drive.

  • Diane Dear - 10 months ago

    Yes their names should be published. Public humiliation just might stop these irresponsible people from killing innocent victims. There seems to be little consequences.

  • Robert - 10 months ago

    It should say convicted, not accused.

  • Karen - 10 months ago

    And we know the London police force is made up of exemplary members, outstanding members of society who have never laid a single wrongful charge against others... right? /S
    No thanks

  • Jeff D - 10 months ago

    TIL 30% of LFP readers have duis

    why the hell else would you be against that? Protecting these pieces of garbage is not something they deserve

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