Is it right to ban "Baby It's Cold Outside" from the airwaves?

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  • Jay Elle - 1 year ago

    This is absolutely ridiculous. People need to chill out and go find something more important to do with their time. You don’t like the song, close your ears, change the channel. Ridiculous.

  • Lil - 1 year ago

    just idiotic!! Stations play violent mysogynistic rap lyrics but ban this song?? Who is behind this and why. I cant believe random station managers are this stupid.

  • Walter Eisenhardt - 1 year ago

    I am a survivor of sexual abuse and a lover of all music, especially the older classics as I am 57. While we all understand the seriousness of the me too movement and what it stands for, we must also keep a sense of humor about us, it’s essential for survival. Don’t read into things too much in life, stay focused and happy for being alive and able to form our own opinions while understanding where they apply. It’s a great song, end of story.

  • Jim - 1 year ago

    Ditto to everyone who’s fed-up with the groups that look for reasons to be aggrieved. I’m adding ever version I can find to my Spotify Christmas playlist????

  • Ricke - 1 year ago

    Having been a victim if abuse, I mivedconand don't look for ways to keep it alive.... I find nothing offensive about the classic Christmas song!

  • Me Too? - 1 year ago

    The me too movement trying to take away one of the joys of the holidsys? What about ME TOO? I love this song and will continue to listen to it along with family and friends. Some are religious and some have younger children. Nobody, and I mean nobody I have had conversation with regarding this topic feels it should be taken of the air. I hope this does not cont

  • Spring - 1 year ago

    Next it will be Frosty the snowman melting as sexual. The was a classic song written years ago. Today's music with slang, vulgar language and violence are far more in need of a overhaul.

  • Judy Shores - 1 year ago

    Leave this song alone. If this movement wants to protest music why don't you protest the songs that actually talk about the rape and murder of woman. The ones that downgrade woman and call them derogatory names repeatedly. This movement is getting ridiculous.

  • Carol B - 1 year ago

    These small minded people who look for something bad in everything they see or hear have issues and should probably see a shrink. Play the song!!!

  • David - 1 year ago

    First, if you're associating a song written in 1944 with a modern day video interpretation of said song, YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK... OR WORSE!
    This "me too" hyper-sensitive review suggesting that a man flirting with a woman by saying "what's the sense of hurting my pride," is somehow naturally lecherous is offensive to common sense and violates my RIGHT TO FKURT WITH KY WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND! In other words; IT'S STUPID!

  • Joe Citizen - 1 year ago

    I must say, go back in time when this song and the movie were made... the censorship was huge back then, man and wife could only be shown to have separate beds, even if they weren't in it.. Ya Think if the song had ANY hint if sexual assault that the censors of the day would have allowed it? NO they would NOT have allowed it at all. I do believe this is a case of one entity trying to garner More attention by picking something that would cause much attention. Instead of pushing what they SAY they stand for, we now see them trying to be more conservative then even the censors of the 50s?? Come On Get REAL!!!! has anyone reacted to this and said " wow metoo is really a good movement" , no they have now only brought a negative view upon themselves for such juvenile actions. seriously the censors of the 50s were so much more conservative then any of today. there is absolutely NO intent of the authors of the movie and song to show any such assault style behavior. if ya don't like the song or movie, change the damn station. don't make something beautiful into something of controversy. Sincerely, Joe Citizen...

  • Rita - 1 year ago

    I think it’s ridiculous that this song was banned and there talking about getting rid of other Christmas classics to me that is just beyond stupid and ignorant

  • DebA - 1 year ago

    I watched the video with this song and found it very disturbing. The woman clearly wants to leave and he keeps grabbing at her to make her stop from leaving. He won’t take no for an answer. You definitely can see by the loook in his face what his intentions are. Very disturbing.

  • Michelle - 1 year ago

    This is a song from 1944
    What we should be upset about is the rap/hip hop lyrics of some who rap about calling females hoes and b****es and call themselves pimps. In a day where girls are being sex trafficked - rap music glorifies that lifestyle from a pimps perspective. Baby Its Cold Outside is a classic and I am sick of these overly sensitive people who don't value classics or tradition.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Grace - 1 year ago

    I have to say..
    I understand about the seriousness of rape.
    However this song has been arouund forever!! Do we really need to nit pick on a song!? It is winter out and we have peole living in tents outside!! Come on!! I think we have gone overboard on all this! Leave the song be! This is still one of my favorites and always will be

  • Felicia King - 1 year ago

    It is a Christmas Classic, the original intent of the song is a cute, flirtatious moment between two individuals in a relationship. There is far more songs written in the recent decade that is way more offensive than this cute Christmas classic. Just because you don’t like something, don’t ruin it for the rest. The Bible was taught in public schools but because of a few individuals complained it is no longer.

  • Carrie - 1 year ago

    I cannot believe we’ve come to this! All the babying and lets give kids participation trophies and time outs and now this song is too controversial??? PLEASE !! Turn the fricken channel if it bothers you so much.... This song is a Christmas classic, leave it alone!

  • Dianne DeSntis - 1 year ago

    There are so many aspects to address here. Primarily the intent is most important.
    It was written to be fun in many relationship interactions!!
    Second if people are offended or negatively impacted, they can benefit from effective professional interventions and teeaeemt. Or turn off music.
    Considering state of world and much more devastating isuues, time money and energy on this matter is absurd in my personal and professional opinión.
    Educate all individuals about psychological wellness and these unnecessary issues can be eliminated or minimized. Then we can possible focus on more serious matters. .
    Thank you.

  • J. P. Fleetwood - 1 year ago

    With all the tatoos, painting on walls, litter, abuses, drug use, rap, vandalism, crime, etc etc, this is what they see a problem with? As "they" are so fond of saying: WAKE UP!

  • DR - 1 year ago

    I'm a firm supporter of the #metoo movement and plenty of other equality and social justice-based causes, and studied this kind of thing a LOT in grad school. This is an issue of CONTEXT.
    Yes, the song sounds creepy to our modern ears, but the historical context should be considered. At the time when the song was written (by a husband and wife team, fyi) women were repressed both socially and sexually. If you wanted to stay out past curfew with your love, you had to worry about ruining your entire reputation. The woman in the song is meant to be playing coy because it's socially unacceptable for her to be ready and willing. Of COURSE no one meant for it to sound like he's persuading a woman who isn't interested. It was a different time, and THANK GOODNESS things have changed. I love that the song is sparking conversations, and I wish there was a revised version that made it clear she WANTS to stay. Keep the song, talk about the context, keep teaching the importance of consent and the evils of peer pressure. That's my 2 cents.

  • Alexis - 1 year ago

    Lumping this controversy with the #Metoo movement is a mistake. A- for effort but this ban is far too over-reaching.

    Let's be totally PC and ban all the mumble rap and F* H** B* lyrics. But if we do that, that will make us racist right???? Im calling the DS on this BS.

    Dont attack the #Metoo movement ladies and gents- don't forget it includes you too. Once you "get it" you will realise how much rape culture and gender stereotyping effects YOU.

    So don't pucking lump petty spit with #Metoo because you are a numbskull and it was convienient. Enough people give it a false ID-Those are the ones who are the deepest engrained with the rape seed.

  • BK - 1 year ago

    This is just a classic song. There are way more other songs rapping etc that should be considered if this is the case. I love this fun song. Why take it the wrong way? Why doesn't this group or person ban the commercials from TV they are offensive in many cases. I think it is wrong for them not to play it! Rap music is 100% worst. Ban all there songs than.

  • Mikie - 1 year ago

    Art from days past may be different than art today....BUT lets look at the time and context of the story and time. It is about flirtting and a loving happy exchange. IF you do not want to hear ANY music turn it off....walk out...put ear plugs in...this is ART do not take it away. There are MANY modern uptodate music currenty on the radio which is more offensive. Should you feel I may not understand know I am a domestic abuser survivor, I was with a man who abused me both mentally and physically for many years untill I go out. This song is not about abuse. It is a lovely holiday clasic piece of art.
    Mikie G

  • Mari C - 1 year ago

    While the PC pendulum continues to swing so far astray, let's be sure to also ban the airing of the film source of this offensive song, Neptune's Daughter. And ban the films How to Marry a Millionaire or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or. . .ad infinite, ad nauseum. . .as those films portray women as money hungry dames looking only for their M.R.S. degrees.

    And f'hevvinssake let's not forget to ban rap music with all those offensive, sexist, violent lyrics. Or don't those count cause they're primarily a cultural product of an oppressed minority?

  • R A - 1 year ago

    Don't we as a culture have any social responsibility? My daughter cringed every day last year when the song was played (she was 22) she would change the station and called it "the rapey song" go ahead play the song, everyone has the right to change the station if they don't like it. But if you choose to have a backbone, if you choose to take a stand, well I for one applaud you, and as a teacher, choosing not to play the song makes me hopeful for our future. We are not mindless, uninformed lemmings. There are plenty of other songs to choose from. If people want to hear the song that badly, purchase a download or buy a cd for your own enjoyment, play the "rape song" for you and your friends ad nauseum. THANK YOU radio stations for having cognizance and seeking to make a positive difference in this world.

  • Beverly - 1 year ago

    Seriously ,you caved for the “Me To” movement . I am so sick of this thin skinned society that we have created . We are creating a plastic bubble society . Step outside the bubble and you step on a land mine that blows up all around you . Geez ! Let’s just cut White Christmas . The radios refused to play Elvis White Christmas in the 50’s . How about the Sexy “Santa Baby . This song is a very cute song about two adults at Christmas time and has probably been played longer than
    You are years old . Maybe we should pull “The Christmas Story “ God knows there is someone out there that is offended by it . So I am interested to know , do you play other music beside Christmas , because if you do I hope you Screen all your music like you do your Christmas music . Guess I am glad I am not a part of your listening audience .Merry Christmas .

  • Gigi Zitkus - 1 year ago

    Seriously? If this song is banned then I expect every radio station to ban every song that is derogatory towards women. In fact, let’s ban the Beyoncé song “Put A Ring on It” because really it is offensive to me that I should have to be claimed by a man with a ring! In 2018. How archaic! The point is, it’s a slippery slope. Ban one song, ban them all and where do you draw the line? What’s, movies, books?

  • Andrea - 1 year ago

    I believe the woman is enjoying herself and wants to stay, but feels peer pressure from relatives and neighbors to do otherwise. She says, “The evening has been so very nice; I wish I knew how to break this spell; the welcome has been nice and warm; and you’ve really been grand.” The only real reasons she gives for wanting to leave are how things will appear to her mom, dad, neighbors, sister, brother, and maiden aunt. She finishes by saying “there’s bound to be talk tomorrow” and “at least there will be plenty implied,” which shows that she only wants to leave because of peer pressure and appearances. But in reality she is enjoying herself and wants to stay.

    Censoring this song is comparable to banning Stay a Little Longer Santa because the lady is trying to convince Santa to stay when he needs to go to the next house. The lady uses several sexual innuendos to get him to stay like “ I have a special present just for you; I’ll keep you warm and hold you near a lot better than those old reindeer; I spent all my money on mistletoe; just make sure I’m your last stop; and I know how to make you very jolly.“

  • Marie France - 1 year ago

    so what about rap music, is that music okay to play?

  • Carla Schultz - 1 year ago

    Your banning a Christmas classic as promoting date rape because of a very small percentage of people and to read something into it. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard! Play the song and let the majority enjoy it and sing along. If your going to ban this song, you better get busy banning many many more. Then you'll be off the air since you won't have many songs to play, and even fewer listeners that will stand with you in the asinine decision. Now I'm offended that you won't play one of my favorites.

  • Susan - 1 year ago

    Most rediculous thing I have have heard! It's a sweet song! If anyone thinks anything thing else, their minds are in the gutter!

  • Junie - 1 year ago

    Really!!?? What about banning some rappers songs that are sexually explicit, foul language, talk about drugs. Let’s pick on an old classic Christmas song. Me too movement get over yourselves and get a life. Why don’t we just completely ban radio for this minority who seem to be able to rule what we can hear.

  • Ana - 1 year ago

    Seriously, I can't believe this is really a thing, so its okay to explicitly sing about sex or drugs but this song is being questioned... Get over yourselves people,

  • Diane Abbatiello - 1 year ago

    Get a grip people. Nothing better to do with your time? Stop being so sensitive and grow up.
    The song is a great classic.

  • Brianna - 1 year ago

    Seriously? This is getting out of control...this is a Christmas classic and it’s in a time where you had to be chaperoned. They are having a little banter, she wants to stay but is worried about what people will think...nothing more, nothing less. There are many more offensive things out there people should be going after. thing you know they will be taking off the song “Tequila makes her clothes fall off” and banning tequila. We will have no music left if you start taking off things that offend people. The MeToo movement is becoming ridiculous. I’m offended that the #MeToo Movement is starting to censor my music.

  • Deborah Brown - 1 year ago

    This is crazy and the me to movement needs to put thier efforts on something that really matters.

  • Dee - 1 year ago

    With so many songs out there talking about drugs, calling women horrible names, explicit sexual content, sex crimes and outright racial slurs, you are picking on THIS song? Absurd!

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