Does PETA have a point?

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  • CT - 2 years ago

    PETA is hurting their back from all the reaching they are doing for the eggs vs. women comparison. I just .. I can't. That being said, I agree with Susan half way. PETA sometimes has a valid point, but bashing people for eating eggs and isolating a community of people does not help get them to their goal of protecting animals.

    Let me go heat up my chicken and rice.

  • Susan - 2 years ago

    Sure PETA has a point, they always have a point, but they are just so far ahead of the curve that they always make the rest of us feel like worthless crap. They are like the Mom you can never satisfy, "Sure you washed the dishes, but you didn't wipe off the stove":

    I would tell them that they could catch more flies with honey, but they'd scold me for catching flies and exploiting bees.

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