Are you going to buy tickets to attend the Junos?

  • BoozeHound - 2 years ago

    Another extornationate TAX grab by city council (by the rich for the rich) up theirs ...

  • Extortionist Should Be in PRISON - 2 years ago

    IN the article about the "Christian woman wanting to reopen her Settlement"...

    When is a legal "Settlement" no longer a binding legal "settlement"?

    a) When the greedy vulture that sued wants more money 30 years after the fact?
    b) When social media domestic terrorism sends a "feeling" that greed-for-"emotional loss" should be higher than it was before?
    c) When we have a National Leader (Prime Minister) who cries on camera 6 days a week about how somehow Canada "wronged" a sub-set of people who were being "colonized" a thousand years ago, and he commits real-time current assets to paying for the British Crown's colonization of North America but opts to pay for it ourselves?
    d) When social media domestic terrorists have the world so terrorized and afraid of their own shadows that NOT to blindly hand over scads of money to anyone even hinting at "potential issues" would be to take on a world of pain from the afore mentioned TERROR CELLS?


    Answer: when it involves some "woman" who wants more money than she's due, for reasons surpassing all common sense.

    Keep your legs together, DO the waitressing/telemarketing jobs the rest of us had to do when we were first starting out, and when you DO make it big and earn more money than most of us will see ina combined lifetime... remember WHY you have more money than GOD... because you chose to spread your legs, rather than WORK HARD for your money, in the first place!!!

    Greedy millionares who did less tan NO hard work to GET their millions , and who want OTHER PEOPLE'S millions now... THAT is what #metoo is all about. Get a GRIP... get OFF your backs.... Close your legs, and work for a living... you might not become a millionaire literally overnight, like you DID... but at least the word "whore" might not apply to you, in the future, like it so clearly DOES now!!!.

    SAME with this case... a legally arrived at "settlement" was legally arrived at. Get the fuk over it, and do some actual work for your money. WORk FOR IT!!!

    You self-aggrandising, self-inflated, self-important, lazy fool!!!

  • SKORR - 2 years ago

    Why would I go see millionaires giving awards to millionaires???

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