Who fucked up more Kevin Hart or Lena Dunham?

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  • SymSymma - 1 year ago

    Kevin Hart could have apologized for old offenses and most people would have moved on. Lena Dunham is terrible on SO MANY LEVELS and this time she used her privilege and platform to attempt to shame and cover up a rape. White woman privilege is being offensive over and over, but your apology is somehow seen as sincere and worthy of redemption. I don't normally advocate violence, but if a white woman were to cuss Dunham out and knock her on her ass publicly, I would tweet all the congratulatory gifs. Fuck her forever ever.

  • GN - 1 year ago

    I think if we look at the hard facts, Lena Dunham to a very public lie to protect a rapist and discredit his victim. Kevin Hart is unfortunately just like a lot of people, even though it IS possible that someone felt affirmed in their homophobia after hearing Kevin Hart being homophobic and then did something violent against a LGBTQ person... then maybe Kevin Hart is worse. His "apology" was DEFINITELY worse, which is shocking. Especially since dumbass had an opportunity to learn just two weeks ago when he had that little "Cowboys and Indians" party.

    That said, Lena Dunham positioned herself as a champion of feminism and then went against her own supposed values. If last year you asked me if I thought Kevin Hart was homophobic, I would've said "probably." Lena Dunham almost definitely knew what she was doing was wrong. KevinHart probably still doesn't get it. They can both kick rocks.

  • Joe - 1 year ago

    Kev has made a few blunders, since acquiring platinum status, but his L's affect him and him alone (okay, and his wife, but it's still in-house).

    Every time I hear a story about Lena, it is some horrific "Heathers" level treachery. People talk about Taylor Swift, but she has nothing on the bullshit that Dunham seems to pull regularly. Makes me wonder about that whole "crew" - her, Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence - they are like those "unpopular" girls at every white TV high school - the ones who try to convince everyone that the "popular" girls are so cruel, but meanwhile they are doing much worse stuff to everyone.

  • Phil - 1 year ago

    This is a no contest for me, That sad excuse for a human willingly covered up an actual crime and claimed to also have evidence against another woman's story while sabotaging her career. I believe Kevin should have apologized and got a great lesson out of this, but as you said Rod, you cant teach those that don't want to learn, and that man has zipped up his backpack and walked out the class. That's a Lena Lena Dunham vote from me, thanks for all the great content Rod and Karen.


  • Erica Collins - 1 year ago

    Congrats Kevin Hart! You played yourself. Should’ve just apologized. As for Lena Dunham...Fuck her!!

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 1 year ago

    Lena Dunham stay fucking up so I don't expect better from her. But Kevin Hart only fucks up with his wives so I'm very surprised. I'm also a little disappointed because I'm a long time Kevin Hart fan and I appreciate his hustle. I thought the Oscars was a glow up for him, something he hasn't been in the game long enough to get. My daughters and I love Kevin. If we just want to have a fun evening at home, we just throw on one if his specials or movies, order a pizza and LOL. Pure silly. I'm just disappointed. He should have apologized off the bat and STFU. Not counting his opinion on antidepressants, you have never caught Tom Cruise being problematic so he will remain my celebrity FAV. LOL.

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