What should the Seattle NHL team's nickname be? (Poll Closed)

  • Emeralds
    79 votes

  • Kraken
    223 votes

  • Sockeyes
    200 votes

  • Totems
    298 votes

  • Other
    163 votes



  • ROBERT DUBOIS - 1 year ago

    Seattle Sirens!

    1) In downtown Seattle, an emergency siren sounds off every hour. Very noticeable when working.
    2) Plays into the magical maritime spirit of Seattle
    3) Starbucks corporate backing?!?
    4) In hockey, every goal scored is celebrated with sirens.

    We would be known as the goal scoring siren sounders!

    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!
    Seattle Sirens!

  • Rob - 1 year ago

    Seattle Sailors
    Alliterative, nod to the sea, close tie to the Seattle Mariners name

  • Dale Liss - 1 year ago

    Seattle Reign
    Double meaning
    This is the best name

  • Dale Liss - 1 year ago

    Seattle Reign
    Double meaning
    This is the best name

  • Dwayne Hoffman - 1 year ago

    Go Seattle Serpents!!!!

  • Dwayne Hoffman - 1 year ago

    The teams name should be The Seattle Serpents....nuff said

  • Juan Bird - 1 year ago

    Release the Kraken or bust! :D

  • Danny - 1 year ago

    Seattle Sasquatch! That name would pull so many new people to the sport, with no baggage from previous teams. There’s also nothing offensive about it to the tribes. We would have the best mascot. Go Seattle Sasquatch!

  • tROY - 1 year ago

    Seattle Seawolves

  • Leif - 1 year ago

    "Seattle Skookum"
    The word, "Skookum", comes from the PNW tribe, The Chinook
    Meaning: Monstrous, overwhelming or of unequaled strength

  • Wes - 1 year ago

    Totems? Seriously? Everyone will be referring to them as the "Poles".

  • Seth - 1 year ago

    Seattle metropolitans gets my vote seattle already has history with that name and is the first american team to win the Stanley cup

    Seattle emeralds would be good to

  • Chris Leclerc - 1 year ago

    Seattle Rain is a great name

  • Victor Puurula - 1 year ago

    I suggest Seattle Fleet. This acknowledges the port heritage while connoting speed: the essence of the game!

  • Pete - 1 year ago

    Seattle Tax

  • Mark in Houston - 1 year ago


  • Mark Brown - 1 year ago

    Seattle Thunderbirds

  • Richard Boriss - 1 year ago

    How about Icehawks?
    You know,synergy with the Seahawks?

  • Michael - 1 year ago

    Saying a pop culture reference that shows up in the sequels of movies (you know, where all rehashed ideas go to die) is original is beyond ridiculous. Kraken has no ties to Seattle, no matter how you try to spin it. Just no.
    If you haven't seen the article on Patch.com about the NHL ownership group reaching out to local indigenous artists about design process then you should look it up. There should be caution exercised for certain, but it appears this group is doing it right; their aim is to be authentic. The biggest uproar is sure to come from over-zealous progressives who believe they are champions of the marginalized.
    But Pilots could be cool.

  • Jeanie - 1 year ago

    Seattle Rainsticks

  • Steve - 1 year ago

    Totems will just set off a cultural appropriation grenade. Not a good choice despite the state of this poll, but it's Washington so odds are a lot of people voting for this are totally high.

    Kraken is different, original, and has pop culture references. It's also pretty relevant to the area with giant octopuses in the sound and a maritime history.

    Then there's another option just sitting there that too few people realize...
    The Seattle Freeze.

    Whatever. The owners will probably go with something completely stupid like Metropolitans so they can try to claim the glory of the original team 100 years ago, or one of the various boring animals like 90% of all sports teams.

  • Brian - 1 year ago

    Seattle Trawlers - or Trawlermen
    Seattle Trolls
    Seattle Destroyers


  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Alright, I though of one: Fishers.

    It works both from the standpoint of our sport & commercial fishing, but it's really about Fishers -- the native-to-our-state animal being reintroduced back into the Cascades and the Olympics. It's a mean little critter.

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    * Emeralds?? Ooh, how scary. How about the Rubies?
    * Kraken?? Oh my god, that is beyond stupid and is going to lead to stupid sportswriters' puns.
    * Sockeyes?? Again, stupid, and again, stupid puns galore.
    * Totems is not exactly stupid, but will likely p*ss off Native Americans -- either the name will, or the logo will.

  • Lionelbichee - 1 year ago

    Bikini Baristo Battalion

  • Dan Trask - 1 year ago

    Seattlehockeynames.com for consideration

  • Jacob - 1 year ago


  • Bill Stolcis - 1 year ago

    Seattle Orca Seattle Emerald Orca

  • Gregory Stewart - 1 year ago

    Seattle Fighting Coho or Seattle Silver Salmon

  • Todd - 1 year ago

    Seattle Grunge

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