Who is the #MSPreps Athlete of the Week? (Poll Closed)
41,677 Total Votes

  • Smokey - 2 years ago

    Funny thing is that the kids could care less about winning this it’s the crazy parents that try to live through their children that get in here and ruin it for everyone. Get a life folks.

  • Emmitt - 2 years ago

    This is so dumb the larger schools usually win these polls because there are more kids to vote within said school. Why doesn’t the clarionledger have some guts and pick who they think had the best week to cut back on large schools winning every week. NW had several football kids win as well smaller schools have no chance.

  • Joey - 2 years ago

    Davey boy. Looks like a nerve must have been struck. It’s sad that 8,000 of those votes were from you cupcake. Even though acl injury still not impressed. I hope your daughter accomplished more in life that this poll.

  • Kay - 2 years ago

    Hi everyone, what a great accomplishment for all of these children. That is such an honor to be recognized for your hard work. Let's try to keep the comments as positive as possible. Keep in mind that the children are able to read the messages. My school athlete only has 57 votes, but it is great to be on the list. Thanks everyone and be blessed!

  • David - 2 years ago

    Joey I guess it’s impressive enough to get 7,000 more votes. Better luck next time cupcake!

  • Sarah - 2 years ago

    It is when you are just coming back from ACL repair :)

  • Joey - 2 years ago

    Don’t get your feelings hurt davey! I agree these kids are deserving. Votes should be counted. The way this is done however is a joke. You can just sit there and vote as many times as you want it becomes who has the most free time. Make it about what the kids have accomplished. 4 goals against murrah not impressive at all.

  • David - 2 years ago

    Joey it doesn’t count half the votes for everyone. The northwest kid would be a head by 10,000 votes if it did. Don’t make it about stupid stuff. Because it’s not. All these kids are deserving.

  • Dee Adams - 2 years ago

    Win or loose, up or down just know we love you jay & we will continue to push you everyday to be the best player (in the state) that you can be! You are a talented athlete and not only that, you are a teammate that will bend over backwards for ALL of us, and we thank you for that! We want you to win because you work hard everyday, but look at it this way. You have over 10,000 votes. That can mean 10,000 different people voted for you or the same 500 people voted over & over. Either way that’s people that love and support you , they see what you do. Your hard work will never be unnoticed , keep working.. hard work pays off????

  • Joey - 2 years ago

    I see the same issue I voted for her for 20 minutes and her votes didn’t go up. I thought it was a delay so I just kept voting I was wrong seems like maybe they want this Northwest person to win.

  • Tanja - 2 years ago

    Why is it that Jayla Alexander votes stay stuck on one number for a period of time. I've voted at least 40 times in a row, not just today, and it stays on the same number for a period of time. I even refresh my page over and over again and it's still the same. After a few mins or so it then moves her numbers up but then stops again. U all need to check on that, because she is not getting all her votes.

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