Would you like to see a 17-inch MacBook Pro like LG's gram 17?

  • Shinigami - 2 years ago

    I don't really understand why you would limit the poll to just 7 options instead of something like 99 (for all sorts and ways to express one's opinion) or classic 2 - like/dislike.

    As for laptop itself - I'd love to try it but the price doesn't seem right, at $1700 I can get two decent laptops - for me and my wife, instead of one.

    Yeah, I'm not buying Apple MBP for the same reason - pricing is a tad high for my tastes. Yes, it's wonderful, but for that price I'd rather buy a car and have some change left for a laptop.

  • Mark Pheatt - 2 years ago

    Yes its time for Apple to regain their doinance in the laotop market. I own 2 - 17 inch MBPS. One is configured for science and math. The other is configured for camera ready art, writing. .and publications.

  • Jakob Mårtensson - 2 years ago

    Overall, Apple don't seem to understand what a pro laptop is for. I totally understand why they would remove all but the usb-c ports on a regular laptop, but on the pro? They lost it.

  • Jeffrey Messing - 2 years ago

    I purchased a brand new Late 2011 17" MacBook Pro THIS YEAR! There is a person on Ebay that builds them to order: Check out this configuration (no reason ever for me to update anytime soon): 32GB RAM/4TB SSD/Mojave/Blu-Ray Writer/Reader/Bluetooth 4.2/ in addition to STANDARD - 17" Anti-Glare Screen (Full HD), Ethernet, USB Ports, Ethernet, MagSafe, SD Card Slot (Express Slot),Battery Indicator, Glowing Apple. I bought a 2018 in March and my device was faster, looked a LOT better. The key travel is so much better.

    How Apple managed to remove - 1. 17" 2.Anti-Glare 3.Optical Drive 4.Ethernet 5.Ports 6.Battery Indicators 7.Magsafe 8.SD Card Slot - AND CHARGE PEOPLE MORE (???) is the biggest scam job ever.

  • Robin - 2 years ago

    I could have written the same sentiments as you re a 17-inch laptop. I also have the last version Apple made. I am a publication designer, mainly magazines, including standard and tabloid size. I use a 30-inch monitor with a 21-inch iMac so that I can work in the actual trim size of the publications. But when one is out of town, what am I supposed to do? Not work? Not get paid? I need a laptop, the larger the screen the better. I used to joke that I'd buy a 21-inch laptop if I could. I still use my 17-inch MacBook Pro. The screen size is obviously not efficient at all, but is usable, barely. A new Apple 17 incher would be wonderful, and I would hope lighter than the old MacBook Pro I still use.

  • Anon Mus - 2 years ago

    have 2017 16” MBP now and bought a used 17” MBP for my development/testing purposes im tandem. Installed SSD and 16gig total memory to bring it up to spec and does all Virtual Machine work flawlessly.

  • Lala - 2 years ago

    Cast your vote here:


  • A Daniels - 2 years ago

    Apple needs to deliver a fully touch screen capable MacBook Pro or Air with sufficent memory that can flip into a tablet -- in essence a MS Surface, but better and as a full bore laptop, not some shadow of one. Only in that way can it really take the lead back in notebook design and functionality.

  • Michael Garcia - 2 years ago

    I bought a 17" MacBook Pro in 2011 and since then added a new motherboard, but I am using this awesome machine for graphic design, video editing and gaming. It is used for business and pleasure I love it and if LG is going to be making a 17" screen ill be buying one or two.

  • Paul H. Kyzivat - 2 years ago

    In my family we are still using both a 2008 and a 2011 17" MBP. I've been hoping for replacements for several years. (With mat screen.)

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