Do you agree with the mayor’s road map to confront pension obligations?

  • Robert Kastigar - 2 years ago

    Changing the constitution would affect going forward. it would not take away any benefits already earned or agreed to.

    The pension lockdown doesn't belong in the constitution; it belongs in the law controlled by the legislature.

  • Fred - 2 years ago

    Why shouldn't changes be made to public sector pensions? Changes are made all the time in the private sector in particular Social Security to reflect changes in the economy, life expectancy, number of workers vs number of retirees and so on.

    Ignoring these factors jeopardizes retirement benefits and places the burden on those who derive no benefit.

    This is the real world, not the fantasy world that government workers live in

  • Paulette - 2 years ago

    How dare they now, after people have worked 30 to 40 years under the contract as is and because these over paid politicians have screwed up the budget wants to take away my and others only form of income. We are barely now able to afford food and and pay mortgages (with these high ass property taxes) and other basics. This is an OUTRAGE!! So now we seniors 60,70,80's and older must now go out to find Work??? This IS A BREECH of contract worthy of us filing a law suit!!

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