'The Voice' Final 4: Who deserves to take the crown?

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Poll posted 10 months ago.


  • Johnny J Craig - 10 months ago

    Chevel should win it all she is amazing and she has what it takes to win she has showed everyone that she has it. And she can do more music then most people at 16 I really think everyone needs to vote for chevel.

  • Margaret - 10 months ago


  • Tyler - 10 months ago

    Kirk definitely deserves the crown he started from the bottom low income housing trials and tribulations in life has made him the singer and man he is today kirk jay come on y'all kirk I got your back 100%

  • Brenda - 10 months ago

    OMG Vhevel is amazing!! Her voice her looks she captures my attention each time she sings and she brought tears to her original song. She has the total package. She's unique and doesn't have that cookie cutter sound and pop like Kennedy which reminds me of all the other pop singers. Chevel is the VOICE she deserves it!!

  • Melinda Evans - 10 months ago

    Please forgive my typos where it says won't hurt it should say want her.

  • Melinda Evans - 10 months ago

    Kenndey Holmes deserves to win she can deliver a performance like never before the dancing and the singing is awesome she don't win it don't matter because people already won't hurt as we speak now so she's a winner no matter how it goes but she deserves to win the crown vote for Kennedy homes it will be a first time for the voice to make history....

  • Barb - 10 months ago

    Chevel has New Mexico proud! Beautiful talent! Please vote for her to take the WIN!

  • Steve Schiely - 10 months ago

    Chevel fearless on stage and great pipes

  • Michael - 10 months ago

    Chevel shepherd

  • Michael - 10 months ago

    I love chavel and I want her win this all the voice I want her to be the winner so much I want her sing carrie Underwood cry pretty song this week I love her so much be the winner plasse her win this

  • Lindsey Peterson - 10 months ago

    Chris ????????

  • Amanda - 10 months ago

    Chris Kroeze!

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