Have you used an ECM-retune device or performed an emissions defeat/delete on a 2007 or later model engine?


  • Chuck - 5 years ago

    I didn't mess with the emission crap on the engine, I just pulled the whole pos out and replaced it with a 98 engine. Problems solved. Mileage is the same, pulls better, no emissions bs.

  • Don't Tread on Me - 5 years ago

    John...well said. The govt put us into the middle of an experiment as they jammed regulations down the throats of engine manufacturers that were ill prepared. They pushed the motors and emission systems out the door long before they should have. Truck owners have been forced to finance the development of these debacles and are threatened with stiff penalties as we try to survive the de-rates, towing bills and multiple rebuilds that have come from these systems. I'm a very small company so those expenses have made for alot of sleepless nights. The best money I've ever spent is in deleting my motors. Substantial gains in fuel mileage, dependibilty, and functioning trucks is what I've been witnessing for 3 years. One unit went from 4.7 to over 7 mpg after full delete and proper tune. Our govt failed us miserably......again.

  • John - 5 years ago

    The government put alot of us in a no win situation with the emissions the system doesn't work in a vocational operation with low speeds and not alot of heat generation one size solution doesn't work similar to the eld mandate . What does the government expect people to do when you threaten there way of life we all don't work for a mega carrier.

  • Kevin Burke - 5 years ago

    just wanted to through this out there but 3/4 of the truck drivers will not tell you even on this Poll that they Deleted there truck just cause there scared of getting caught.

    thank you and love the Newsletter

  • Black Jack Dist LLC - 5 years ago

    Second the motion...older is better! 98,97,&92 life is so much easier & stress free. Plus go look up the price people are paying for older trucks. U know it’s a sign if my 3 older trucks are worth as much as 05,06&07’s. That’s what happens when government gets involved, it’s my opinion but I believe the good ole days of trucking are just about to an end. ???? Merry Christmas & Happy New Year truckers Be safe out there & take care

  • Bruce - 5 years ago

    I had a 2008 389 that I owned for 3 years and had planned to keep along time until reality sunk in the 1st year I spent 28000.00 the 2nd rear I spent 34000.00 and the 3rd I spent just under 28000.00 the truck had 297000 miles on it.the engine was rebuilt twice,should have deleted all emissions controls but didn't want trouble what a pile of junk check engine light special

  • Swamp Thang - 5 years ago

    Hanging on to my pre-emission trucks two '97s and one '95. Simpler is better! Way More dependable!

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    No I Deleted the whole Dam Truck went back to my 85 Pete

  • Steve Simpson - 5 years ago

    Trying to defeat emissions would never be an issue if they were designed properly in the first place to give descent fuel economy. Take a look at the automobile industry and their fuel economy and the lack of all of the add-ones to control emissions

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