Do you think Chicago’s dining scene has lost its luster?


  • angela r murphy - 6 years ago

    I saw this interview on TV. What an arrogant idiot! He doesn't even know the city.

  • Maryhelen - 6 years ago

    Yes and no- But he needs to get around more more, as Helen Poot points out. Restaurant owners try to copy what appears to be popular do the same-- very little in trying new ideas. The great long-time restaurants disappeared and no one thinks to open one that could be just as goo. No on believes in "classic" any more-- food has to be "creative" and "innovative." I/we do not go out as often as we used to-- too many times disappointed..

    Kessler also need to stick to being a food critic. He is stuck in the "Chicago is segregated " myth. Chicago's "ethnic communities" are no longer "ethnic" but actually, very diverse; this is actually reality for a long time by 2018. Whatsmore, there are may "ethnic restaurants" all over the city. Like I said, he needs to get around and after three years here, he should know better.

  • B Wolf - 6 years ago

    This guy has been here three years and is disappointed in Chicago’s food scene? Sorry we don’t have strip malls like down south. Please go back to Atlanta.

  • HELEN POOT - 6 years ago

    This critic apparently has not stepped out of River North or the Loop. To use Greektown or China town as the only examples of great ethnic restaurants. REALLY?. Go to Edgewater, Pilsen, Little Village. Talk about Ethiopian, Nigerian, Laotian, Korean, Inexpensive and awesome food with a global pedigree abounds.

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