Do you support the F6 Extension?
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  • Harry Lu - 1 year ago

    why we need to build a under ground tunnel through President Ave. to airport? with such short distance between West Botany St and O'Connell St, now you are adding the tunnel entry in between, surely will create huge traffic problem banked up to Princess Hwy. You are the experts in Road and Traffic area and have such narrow vision, wasting our tax payers' money for doing the jobs.
    I would like to suggest that from Taren Point Bridge, extend the bridge way through Botany Bay towards airport for such link. We will have a Master piece of bridge right cross the Bay without interfering local surfing and swimming, in the middle of the Bay, 3 km away from the beach.
    It is much cheaper project than the tunnel version, no pollution for the local residents.
    I have been thinking of it for long time! and there are many such bridges around the world these days for road and traffic, look around, open you eyes, learn from other nations what they are doing, we are smart enough.

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