Which ways have you used in the past year to communicate with your PCP? (choose all that apply) (Poll Closed)
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  • Selection Bias - 2 years ago

    You might be hit with selection bias in this survey. Most people who read HIStalk are technology and/or healthcare savvy. If you were to run a similar survey near one of the rural areas, the results will be very different.

  • Infojoe44 - 2 years ago

    My physician uses Epic's patient portal and he & the CMA working with him are extremely quick. I've had questions answered and prescriptions addressed very quickly.

    Much, much easier than playing perpetual phone tag! For them and me.

  • Cosmos - 2 years ago

    I'm a healthy adult who hasn't seen or communicated with my PCP for the past 18 months, and even at my last visit, all communications were handled via face-to-face interactions (except for a check-in sheet). Therefore, I did not answer your poll.

    Little publicized fact - annual physicals are not always needed for healthy adults - reference

  • Obfuscator - 2 years ago

    Careful Joan! You don't know where that phone has been!

  • Techie Patient - 2 years ago

    I rather enjoy the patient portal correspondence with my doc. My daily schedule and busy mommy lifestyle doesn't allow time for a phone call to ask for a new script, make an appointment or new lab orders. Remembering that I need those things at 5:30 am and pulling out my phone to type her a message to answer at her convenience while my husband is going on about his schedule and my 5-year-old is pulling at my shirt to make his breakfast is a blessing!

  • joan - 2 years ago

    Actually I normally just lick up the phone :)

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