Will Kevin Hart lose work because of this week?


  • Stephen - 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, he will not lose work, not because he apologized a second time, but because most of the industry's response has been "it was just a joke" or "he said 'sorry' once, what more do you want?"

    Even if people won't PUBLICLY defend the joke, they might have privately laughed at the joke in the past... or still might laugh at the joke. In the past, whenever I've heard Hart (and other comedians) tell such lo-key/high-key homophobic jokes, it would make me feel uncomfortable, but I would just shrug it off and keep on with the rest of the comedian's joke set. Now, we are in a time of accountability. People are finding a voice to speak out about these micro/macro aggressions.

    I don't think K. Hart is homophobic, but... he is a cis het Black man, who might have some more work to do to UNLEARN his ingrained homophobia. Like racism and sexism, homophobia is ingrained in our cultural fabric and people are STILL unlearning all the facets of homophobia that was recently seen as acceptable.

    I don't speak for all Black LGBTQIA people, but I speak for this one here: It's great that he apologized (twice now), but it would be even greater if he acknowledged the impact it had on the community AND rebuked those who are "standing" with Kev" in the name of "it was just a joke" or "he already said sorry." I'm not for the cancel culture AND I have empathy for his growth and what backlash he might have faced,.. but right now, I'm not feeling him. And to answer the poll, he won't lose work, because people the offense as that serious.

    There is so much more to say about all of this, but I will stop with this: he apologized to America about his infidelity (an apology he owes to no one but his wife) but was reluctant to expand on his apology to the gay folk. (sigh)
    You both have beautifully talked about this subject on this podcast and on What's The Tea with Nic and Reg. Seeing all sides of the issue. Keep up the good work. Much love Stephen

  • Korey - 5 years ago

    Yes, he will be offered fewer gigs. But, he will still get A LOT of offers. He could probably use a vacation anyway. Who knows, maybe he’ll now have time to read some books on intersectionality.

  • CT - 5 years ago

    @Kadeesha, Kit Kat is too cute!! Karen, can we start calling you that??

    If I was a betting woman, I’d bet it’s gonna be quiet out here for Kevin Hart. I think it goes back to Rod’s idea of entertainment not being fun when it becomes problematic. I don’t want to watch something and wonder what the implications are for watching the movie or show or special. I don’t want to think that my good inclusive dollars are going to a man that still thinks ‘acting gay’ is beneath him. The industry might not say anything, but I think after 2019 Kevin Hart will be looking for work instead of getting work handed to him. The smartest thing for him to do would be to BE QUIET.

    I think Kevin feels very accomplished, which he is, but almost as if he’s untouchable. His pride is so large, and ego so bloated, that he thinks he can simply refuse to apologize to most of Hollywood, turn down the opportunity for the Oscars, and time will be on his side in a few years and he’ll just host the Oscars later.z

    But he forgot a couple things. 1. HE BLACK. Hollywood don’t fuck with black people. Viola still ain’t making the money she should be making as an OSCAR WINNER, when you compare her to other white women oscar winners. So if the black people that are GETTING the awards aren’t held to the same standard as the whites, what makes you think that you have ascended behind blackness enough to where people will treat you like the white people and forget your transgressions?

    2. Kevin is hot TODAY. But so was Katt Williams less than a decade ago. What makes him think his flame wint be extinguished? What makes you think we won’t just find the next funny black man? That black man on the show with Jess hilarious (Lou Raul or something) will GLADLY take your place in line. He already standing up for black women, and hasn’t said nothing homophobic that he’s had to apologize for yet, so he already two steps ahead of him.

    Look. Km not saying Kev ain’t funny. And I’m not gonna act like I didn’t laugh at the “stop, that’s gay” jokes when he delivered them during that special. But as I’ve gotten older, and chosen to be more informed, I know that those jokes aren’t okay. And what real, true creative comedic genius would be is to find the humor in something else that isn’t abusive. Go to a gay club, and make jokes about how ended up on the pole or something. Talk about how your lesbian cousin loves her woman more than you love your wife. Do something else besides be a bigot. If not, I hope his pride is worth the loss of income in the future.

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    I for one don't think Kevin will lose much if not anything for his inability to stop being so prideful. His refusal to apologize got so little burn and the narrative had switched to, "oh man the Oscars cant find a host now, they should have never tried to force an apology out of Kevin", so fast he has been placed strongly in that victim category. On to a random thought of mine, the voicemail you all got this week from the emotional woman, Kadesha , I think that's how you spell her name was truly tough. As a Cis black man I will never know the struggle that she faces, but I would like to send encouragement to her, and I wish the best for her. Thanks for another great show Rod & Karen.

  • Kedesha - 5 years ago

    Hi Karen and Kit Kat, thank you so much for your words regarding my voicemail, once again I apologize for being so scattered when talk, but I just got emotional and triggered remembering the first and only time I tried to come out to my mother...in the end she told that lifestyle choice will land me in the eternal fires of hell. And that was that. Never tried again. I knew where I stood. And yes as black people we are just use shit on a daily basis so when we get an apology sincere or not, it becomes water under the bridge and on to next day of bulllshit. That's why I am so grateful to you guys and what you do. Everyday you show me that there are people out there who genuinely care, speak up, and lift us up. I adore you two, and I feel like I owe you a check for this therapy.

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