Would you rather have no Cadillac CT6 at all, or buy A CT6 made in China?

  • FrankC - 1 year ago

    I will not buy a vehicle made in China. They have stolen our intellectual property for decades and have absolutely no sense of morality. Any US manufacturer who moves production to China will never see another dime of my money. I am irritated enough about the factories in Mexico when Americans are being put out of work.

    Also, I think dropping cars to sell only SUVs and pickup trucks will be slow-motion suicide. At some point gas prices will go up and at that point they will have nothing competitive. Every manufacturer on the planet can design, build, and market sedans but no US manufacturer can do that? It does not inspire confidence in me concerning their products or their future.

  • bruce docherty - 2 years ago

    Judging from the ratings by Consumers Reports, I would not want a Cadillac no matter where it was made. However, if they start making Suburbans in China and shipping them here, then I'll switch to an Expedition. I've owned a lot of GM cars and, for the most part, they've been very good cars. Consumer Reports gives poor ratings to Suburbans but, our 2003 'burb was trouble free for 134K miles and our 2007 'burb was trouble free for 152K miles. Our 2013 'burb is like brand new with 92K miles and I just may run it for the rest of my life. I'm 84, so as long as it continues to cart us around and back and forth from W.Mass. to Saint Simons Island, Ga., I'll continue to love it. And I'm sure it will. With good treatment and proper servicing by your authorized Chevrolet dealer, these vehicles are probably good for a million miles.

  • Robert Culbertson - 2 years ago

    I just purchased a new Cadillac XT5 Platinum in November. Still sore over GM having accepted taxpayer bailout money some 10 years ago, I decided to switch to Ford which had not. Previously, and to my great satisfaction and pleasure, I had been a loyal Buick, Corvette and Cadillac customer. But, it was a matter of principle, not a thing to do with the cars or of their quality. Now, I am again disappointed in a management decision that seems to fly in the face of my own decision to return to GM and the flagship American brand of Cadillac. Remembering, thanks for nothing Mary Bara, CEO.

  • Raymond E Frechette - 2 years ago

    If even Chinese families willingly pay more for baby formula because of lack of ethics etc. in China no way am I planning to drive or own a car made in China. Those people have no conscience or ethics; my life and safety mean more to me. After Ford and Chrysler have stopped making sedans is there no one at GM awake enough to figure out that this creates a good number of people wanting to buy an American sedan made in U.S. or Canada? I have owned many GM vehicles in my life, but if I have to buy a foreign car to get a sedan, my Silverado will most probably also be replaced by a foreign make.

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    I don’t think Cadillac gets it. Since 1992 I Purchased STS until they stopped, then to XTS which I prefer over the CT6. Most recently, 2018 XTS V Platinum. Now it’s extinct due to “poor sales.” One reason might have been almost no promotional effort. I love the car. The best America has to offer and you’re offering it from CHINA? WTF?

  • barry renaud - 2 years ago

    I have been purchasing G M since (new only) since 1965 I will probably buy G M again because since 2005 I have been getting family plan discount other wise maybe not. No G N way will I buy a car that its final assembly point is from china or mexico!!!!!!!!!! Mu latest purchase 2019 Vette G S so what are they doing now after all the excrement they caused lately they raising the price on the vette as sales are down because of the anticipation of the 2020?

  • Ray Koch - 2 years ago

    I work for GM, I just purchased a new Cadillac for my wife, and a new Silverado, in the last six months. I will not buy another vehicle made by GM. I can not, in good conscience, support a company that has no respect for the American worker. The good news? I don't have to feel bad about buying a Porsche Panamera instead of the CT6 I was planning on buying next year.

  • J. Philip Goddard - 2 years ago

    I have owned several Cadillacs and after owning a CT6 I would never buy another Cadillac. Most of the fancy technology fails to function and that which does functions improperly. I have had my CT6 to the dealership on numerous occasions without any satisfactory results. Cadillac has hit rock bottom and it is time to purchase a quality luxury sedan such as Porche, Mercedes or Audi. A CT 6 made in China would easily surpass a CT6 made in America. A Chinese car is better than an American car?? Think about that for a minute.

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