Should Canada get out of $15B deal to sell London-made armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia?

  • Liz - 2 years ago

    If those stats are right perhaps we should stop with the anti-afghan thing for a while as something we can address later and for the immediate present we instead forbid people from Jamaica and the Caribbean islands from coming here. I have a 6 yr old daughter and while I don't want her to be subject to the Afghani way of thinking, I'd much rather she not take a stray bullet in a Jamaican gang war thats playing out on our city streets if we're letting all the gun toting criminals from the Islands run our Canadian streets unfettered.

    How is this happening anyway? I thought we pay a huge amount of payroll to the cops so this thing doesnt happen. What are they exactly doing for their golden-ticket payroll numbers? Doesn't seem like much. They cant even keep the Fake Western Homecoming party in check. What good are they? And can we have our money back, please?!?!?!?!

  • Be fair not ALL immigrants are Street Gang Leaders - 2 years ago

    That's not fair. Even though in a year of the highest gun crime statistics on record in Toronto (and London, for that matter) one can honestly answer the question: HOW MANY WHITE NATURALIZED (born here) CANADIANS HAVE PULLED A TRIGGER ON A GUN DURING THE COMMISSION OF A CRIME, and answer: "ZERO" and use that same data to answer the question: "HOW MANY JAMAICAN/ISLAND BORN IMPORTS TO CANADA HAVE PULLED THE TRIGGER IN A GUN CRiME?" and come up with the reality of 99.8%...

    It remains unfair to say that just because hard data (crime scene forensics and arrest records) show that almost all gun crimes in Ontario (in a year of the highest number of gun crimes on record) that the perpetrators are all from Jamaica and the Carribean Islands... (or from Russia's human Trafficking Gangs) is an unfair characterization that all imports we have welcomed into our country are gun-weilding, crazies with a criminal intent.

    They're not ALL psychopathic monsters... (just "many" of them).

    Be fair... do not paint with such broad brush strokes. Not ALL people we have allowed to come here are nasty degenerates... some are very nice, law abiding citizens who just want to fit in and make a peaceful home for their families.

    (Despite the factual statistics on gun crime, and the rise in stabbings and the perps being... not FROM Canada.)

  • Voice of Reason - 2 years ago

    I wouldn't agree with Jennifer that its a fake account. A fake account would have played with us and debated the morality of our other posts. This saounds like some moronic neanderthol our Government welcomes into our country under the guise of being a refugee from a foreign land who wanted to reap the rewards of a free and democratic Country like Canada but whom once here, has decided they care little for the Canadian Laws, Society or Culture and instead would be much happier pretending this is the country they fled from in the first place.

    So - why did you flee from where you fled from, if all you are going to do is pretend you are still living there and ignore all the laws, customs, and societal norms of being CANADIAN? Probably money. Most people who come here under the claim of escaping a dictatorship that would see them dead within 24 hours of remaining, are NOT at all interested in complying with Canadian laws or Customs, but rather see this as a land of free money, free healthcare, free immigrant housing, free guaranteed jobs for immigrants, and they kill their family members over "honour system religious beliefs", and refuse to adopt any of our Canadian ways.

    Yes that's a sweeping generalization but its NOT wrong. Far too many people we allowed in, seem to think they can go about their daily criminal activity like they were still living in Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, Afghanistan, Russia... and our legal system dies not tell them in a resounding "Go To Jail, Go Directly To Jail... do NOt pass GO!", that they are wrong. We instead bend over backwards changing Canadian laws, Canadian Traditions and the Canadian Identity to accommodate the foreign cultures we have given sanctuary to.

    Those days are over.

    This country is called CANADA, not Russia, NOT Jamaica, NOT South Africa, NOT ... something else. You want to live here? You obey OUR laws. OUR laws are not here to make you feel more "at home". They are here to protect us all... (including you) from those you claim to have fled here from, in terror for your lives.

    Obey our laws, act according to our customs, and respect you really truly are simply "guests" in our country, here at our will, not because of any divine influence. Behave, or get the fuck OUT!

  • Jennifer - 2 years ago

    Why did one poster say the words "Pig of a mother"? I read from that, "Afghanistani Nationalist" who believes that all women are simply pigs and not worthy of fair treatment as humans. How is this backwards emotional sentiment possible in Canada? And shouldn't it be what we are working to stomp out?

    I agree that this Frank person represents a clear an present danger to the people of Canada but I am also aware this is probably a fake account being used by someone in Afghanistan to curb the possibility that our Leadsrs will continue to punish them for their backwards 12th century behavior.

    Talk about fake news - I think that Frank poster is a textbook case of a Nation's Government using a fake account to influence Western Politics. I might be wrong but I highly doubt it. Canadians do not think that way. We have our flaws sure but we just dont think that way.

  • Sal Mohdhi - 2 years ago

    Yes Gender bias is forbidden by the Charter, that is true. I guess women will just have to rely on the Charter just as the men do when it says that gender is an illegal point of discrimination when hiring people for a job as is age. Awww... no quota system for hiring pants versus skirts, how sad for women, huh, they might have to get the job on their own merit rather than threatening to sue for a failed skirt-quota. BOO HOO

    But I bet a million bucks that most HR people are far too terrified of not hiring a woman who might get #metoo after their firm in a lawsuit so the Charter doesn't seem to be valid in today's era of social media terrorism. I know, arrest all the social media terrorists and send them to Trump's Guantanamo Bay facility. That's where terrorists go these days, isn't it?

  • Trailer Park IS as Trailer Park Does - 2 years ago

    Wow, did I just read that correctly... someone on here named FRANK just told someone else to go and commit suicide rather than Frank having to listen to the person's legitimate point of view like a well-reasoned grown up?

    I'd call that a hate crime, actually. Does the LFP have that Frank person's IP address?

    I would suggest passing it along to the OPP or the London City Police since telling someone online to go kill themselves is actually a legitimate hate crime and punishable under current legislation/laws.

  • Wayne - 2 years ago

    Wow! We do have some very nasty trolls in London! My question to them would be "what have you done for the betterment of our City and Country or the World"? Please try to be a little less critical of others.

  • b cooer - 2 years ago

    The "no" supporters are moralistic sadists. They do not live in the world but in fantasy land. Apart from the practical consequences, if we are so stupid as to think that harming the disgusting Saudi regime will make things better in that terrible part of the world, we are doubly stupid. Things will get much worse if the Saudis stop ruling Arabia (hello Arab Spring?). They need all the help they can get, and if it saves a few jobs in Ontario (as distinct from ten times the job losses in Alberta), why not?

  • Frank - 2 years ago

    This clown in comment above seems to think that he's so morally above everyone. A liberal twit that thinks that his opinions are more important than others. He clings to the idea that others must not be informed on world issues because the free press doesn't ever delve into anything but what it's told to. Listen Bambi if your so up on current events and feel others haven't the slightest clue why not inform them then. Instead you attempt to sit on a pedestal as though what you say matters. Your no one just a scared pansy hiding behind a fictional screen name. Do yourself a favor and just end it all I'm sure it would make your pig of a mother happy instead of the embarrassment she feels each time you sees yiu

  • Global Responsibility and morality - 2 years ago

    Given the Prime Minster's ongoing need to "Cry On Camera" about how sad he "feels" about being rich and an elitist, monied snob, whenever a photo-op presents itself, this uncharacteristic move of distancing Canada from the world of Bin-Laden, The Ayatollah Khomeini, The Killers of Western-World Press Reporters, The Religious Abusers of Women, The Intolerant Public Floggers of Gay men for the sport of Homophobic Morons, and the Posessor's of the bulk of the World's Fossil Fuel Supply, it shows that he "might" have a pair... "might", though he's going to have to do FAR more than rail against the people Trump is currently unhappy with to make us believe he's actually using HIS pair, and not just following his American "Handlers" orders.

    But, as most of the "FREEPS" readership has no inclination of any of the names, situations, or reality of any of the names I mentioned above... THAT is far more troubling than a sudden shift in tact of the Frat-Boy-In-Chief, that I doubt most of the Blue Collar/Trailer-Park-Trash that reads the FREEPS will either understand, nor appreciate the move, nor the nuance involved in the eventual fallout by this move.

    For those of us whom have spent our lives reading un-burned books, learning the truth behind historic world events rather than the fake-garbage the new-age "revisionist history" movement of "if we don't hear about it, then it clearly never happened", and many of us whom have spent tens of thousand of our own money to GET EDUCATED about the world outside our own front doors, are primarily ELATED the useless turd in Ottawa might somehow not be as useless as we first thought.

    Now, if he could just learn to read and OBEY the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (An Integral Portion of the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982), and stop passing legislation that favors WOMEN over men, and which mentions Females but does NOT mention Males... and which sets aside a bulk of Federal Money to assist "Youth" to get jobs (despite "youth" being required by LAW to be IN SCHOOL or arrested for NOT being in school"), and the fact that AGE is a forbidden point of discriminatory hiring under the Canadian Charter... well... THEN, we might, those of us who have a brain in our heads and the capacity to use it, might perhaps... just "PERHAPS" start to think he is not just pandering for votes, but actually GOVERNING in the best interests of this country.

    So... its a nice starting point in him FINALLY realizing what his job description actually IS... but... not NEARLY enough.... not NEARLY!

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