Should Mexico allow assisted dying?

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  • John - 10 months ago

    I am absolutely in favour of assisted dying. The right to medical aid in dying has been available in Canada since 2016, albeit with some very tight restrictions. Everyone should have that right. After all, if I don’t have the right to control my own body, who does?

  • George - 10 months ago

    Assisted dying shouldn’t be confused with assisted sucicide. This proposed government program simply wants the terminally ill to receive trained, compassionate hospice care and end of life treatment to pass on as peacefully as possible.

  • Barbara Humphrey - 10 months ago

    Assisted dying does not mean assisting people to die. It means to provide hospice care to assist terminally ill people (generally defined as having six months or less to live) with support in their homes or possibly in hospice homes. It is considered comfort care, not care to aggressively treat illnesses. In the US, comfort care via hospices (in home or in hospice homes) improves the quality of one's final days, weeks or months when a physician determines that an illness can no longer be successfully treated aggressively or if a patient declines further treatment. It is not euthanasia.

  • Betz - 10 months ago

    We feel it is the merciful and kind thing to do when our pets are in pain and/or their quality of life is so reduced as to make living insufferable. Shouldn’t humans be afforded that choice too?

  • Craig - 10 months ago

    If someone is at the end of their life or at the end of their ability to deal with pain from some disease that will kill them anyway than why shouldn't they be allowed to be at peace. Primum Non Nocere is one of the first things you learn when entering the medical firld. It translates to First, Do no harm. Requiring someone to have to endure pain an agony that no one else could understand doesn't sound much like doing no harm. A law that allows a person to work with their physician to allow end of life decisions is good.

  • Maria - 10 months ago

    Get living first in

    Get the living a better standard of living before you help the dieing to die This would just open another licences to kill

    you get assisted dieing

  • WjF - 10 months ago

    Absolutely. We are more considerate of our pets approaching end of life than we are of our families and other humans.

  • Dr Larry Brown - 10 months ago

    Mexico, Canada, parts of Europe are leading the way in this progressive movement. Perhaps eventually more of the USA will come round. Let’s hope!

  • Louise Levy - 10 months ago

    It should be a right of anyone, anywhere who no longer wishes to live and one should die as painlessly as posdible

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