Which one is better?


  • CT - 5 years ago

    Love and light is whack. Thoughts and prayers just sounds like a smart ass comment, but makes me laugh and think someone is being shady. It’s classic.

  • Stephen - 5 years ago

    "Well actually" (Lol) love and light is my agnistic/non-christian way of say "you know I'm not going to actually pray for you so... love and light"

    Truly LOL on Bohemian Rap CDs, LOLOL.

    another note: preachers do and should get paid a salary, especially if that is their full-time job. Bigger the church, bigger the salary.

    Lastly, y'all ain't shit for making puns of the man dying outside the Wing Spot. That's someone's son, brother, father! ...there are many people who hold him TENDERly in their hearts

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