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  • Anon - 2 years ago

    Why are these topics always presented as a right or wrong?... As in you either feel the way I door you are morally bankrupt. I'd like to read something with actual unbiased stats from a verifiable source... You know journalism... Feels like Wikipedia has higher standards than most of the articles I've read lately.

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    Unfortunately the USA Today is part of the Democrat Propaganda Ministry. Their tone is arrogant and demeaning, not to mention uninformed. The 21 million illegal immigrants and their anchor babies are a huge problem. They cost $132 billion a year in direct costs - indirect costs approach $500 billion per year. And it’s the undocumented illegals that are the biggest risk: financially, health, and safety- who our President is correctly targeting with a wall.
    It’s quite frankly insane that Democrats are allowed a free pass on illegal immigration. But then, they invented - what? -150 or so genders recently? Same-sex “marriage”? “Transvestite sports”? And a free pass for abortion-on-demand and selling baby parts.
    You people really haven’t earned a right to humanity, much less an opinion page.

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