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  • gabe cook - 1 year ago

    what about the resorts on the southern border also my great uncle has a house on the southern border so he will wake up to gunshots and a 30-foot wall

  • bobathy - 1 year ago

    we don't need a wall. the wall won't work. no matter what we do a wall won't solve the problem. planes exist and all they have to do is buy a travel visa then they just don't come back. we cant make a wall tall enough to stop planes.

  • Bettina White - 2 years ago

    This wall is a simplistic response to a complicated problem. The US has to examine tbe role its policies played in creating mads immigration. Tens ofvthousands do not leave their communities, fAmilies, culture for free benefits or to rape American women.

  • Jay Jones - 2 years ago

    Appears the majority of voters would be satisfied if a wall was built under any other president.

  • Jan Dixon - 2 years ago

    How about all the people that want to build the wall, pay for it?

    Those of us that can see this a boondoggle of epic proportions can opt out and not spend one thin dime.

    Want to bet all the people that keep saying they want a wall will opt out, too?

  • Errol - 2 years ago

    The wall alone will not work though, it must be combined with additional human patrols and electronic surveillance to maximize it's effect. We need enforcement of existing laws, i.e., E-Verify, etc. and possibly some new laws making it a crime to hire illegal aliens. Congress has been irresponsible for too long.

  • Gerard Spiegler - 2 years ago

    Human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration have been known problems for decades. With Law enforcement has failed spectacularly to solve these problems. When human beings stop being greedy, exploitative, and so messed up that they need some substance to face daily life then perhaps a solution will develop. Until then, quit believing that law enforcement will solve these problems. It never has and it never will.

  • Jason Smalls - 2 years ago

    If they assume that the wall will work, they should forgo some of their yearly salary towards the building of the wall which Mexico will pay for. Remember a promise made is a promise kept!

  • michael. czmyr - 2 years ago

    can't do the last two without the wall.

  • Brad - 2 years ago

    Three things are necessary to effectively curtail the problem(s). None are in place.
    A physical barrier. A responsible congress. Enforcement of NEW laws that deter entry versus induce it.

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