Is the $5 billion demand for a taxpayer-funded border wall a good reason to partially shut down the federal government?


  • Craig Matte - 4 years ago

    If we have so many non-essential governmant employees off work and, by the government's definition they are non-essential, why not let them all go and use their pay and benefits to pay for the wall. We don't kept non-essential people at work in the private sector so why do we in the public?

  • Becky L Simons - 4 years ago

    I am visiting the Statue of Liberty in April and this visit I am sure I will be in tears.
    We are America; we welcome immigrants. there are more terrorists homegrown then come into our
    What we need is a president that has some idea of what he is doing. People have head in sand when they voted for a criminal corrupt conman with no smarts, no ethics.

  • Jeff - 4 years ago

    This debate about immigration reform and border security has been going on far too long. The Democrats need the poor that come across our borders to justify their big government policies and will never do or agree to anything that would threaten this never ending supply of people the they love to exploit for there own political gain and over reaching policies.
    The Republicans in Congress never have the guts to stand up to the Democrats to do the things to protect those of us who are always put on the hook to support.
    It has taken the stand by our current president to do what those in congress never have the courage to do.
    Illegal immigration is impossible to fix until our borders are controlled. Drones will not stop people from crossing the border. Electronic sensor will not stop people from crossing the border. They only allow folks to watch them doing it. It is too late to keep them out under current laws once they have gotten into this country. Most must be released after given a court date that the majority do not show up for.
    Only a physical barrier will significantly reduce the illegal border crossings.

  • BeenHereAWhile - 4 years ago

    While $5B is a lot, it's 'forward thinking!' The alternative appears to be about $155B PER YEAR to pay for supporting the ILLEGAL aliens who are not stopping at the 'virtual wall.' I just can't wrap my head around those who believe it will cost less to harbor all of the ILLEGAL aliens than it will to stop them.

    America is a country founded and built by people from all over the world. And, until recently, the LEGAL aliens who have immigrated have followed the laws of our land and have ultimately assimilated into OUR culture. But, over the past few years the flow has increased overwhelmingly and has been mostly ILLEGAL. What part of ILLEGAL do the supporters of further financial support for these ILLEGALS not understand? It's my hard work that is paying the taxes that are supporting those ILLEGALS!!!

    It's got to stop somehow and somewhere. An impenetrable wall to stop the ILLEGAL intrusion, with appropriate spending to enable the LEGAL aliens who want to immigrate here to be able to do so will save us BILLIONS. And STOP changing OUR COUNTRY to be so much like where they came from! They left because it wasn't working for them but they're making it unworkable for us.

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