Which Y&R hunk do you love the most?

  • Kay - 2 years ago

    My favorite by far is JACK...He should be on that list. Although I think his new girl friend is WRONG for him....

  • Sonia Petgrave - 2 years ago

    Nick is as sexy as hell but I want him going back to Sharon.

  • Susan McKown - 2 years ago

    If u think we r going to sit back and not say any thing About Cane And Vic u r Nuts. I guess Mel the gone writer really h. as loSt it .with that two together .forget it. Billy And Vic .Hello

  • Donna BenassYag - 2 years ago

    Nick is a pretty boy but Devon have soul because Nick's of rich boy he gets everything he wants Devon doesn't let that go to his head he has heart and he doesn't cry like a baby because he is rich he handles it with very much grace. And I'm a 68 Euro white woman who thinks Dion is the balm

  • Valerie Parker - 2 years ago

    I've always liked Nick. Billy comes a very close second. Devon doesn't seem to want anyone into his life and once he did, POOF, she was gone. Cane has been given such a wimpy part in the past. It's great he wants to stand by Lily and have his kids enter the convent after school, but we ALL KNOW he has a past.???? What could it be?

  • Marilyn Riley - 2 years ago

    Nick acts like he is always right and always is an ass. His s--- don't stink. Like telling Nate his dad is lying and his mom doesn't want Victor

  • Pam King - 2 years ago

    Nick is turning into as big of an asshole as Victor! Too bad he can't see it!

  • Jennifer Gonzalez - 2 years ago

    I love Billy. His so handsome. And sexy

  • Richard L. Hunt - 2 years ago

    We speed it up every time nick comes on

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