Who would you like to see run for Mayor of Nashville next year?
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  • Beth O’Shea - 3 years ago

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. MNPS became ”customer oriented” during the Bill Wise anything to avoid a lawsuit regime and increased dramatically during the what we need is a customer service center Garcia/Johnson regime.

    Concomitantly, addressing the recommendations made in the Chamber Report Card became a driving force in MNPS. As the Chamber gained more power, charters proliferated as did the idea that schools should be more business-oriented in the way they operate.

    Having recently finished reading The Hate You Give and Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and reflected upon the history of racism in America, I now see charters as an example of white noblesse oblige - something like the slave masters who purported to know what was best for the brown people they owned.

    I agree - all schools should be high quality and al students should have access to excellent opportunities. But I am wondering how the business model that fosters competition and hence divisiveness promotes learning for all.

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