Do You Use Pony Words (Like "Everypony") In Real Life?

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Posted 6 months.


  • Lunar Wolve - 5 months ago

    I do it not even realizing I’m doing it

  • Jeffrey Vauxhall - 5 months ago

    Wow "super cringy" how despicable whoever voted for that option i remember during the 2012-2014 years that saying pony pronouns doesn't even get bothered. IF ANYPONY cringes you out so much then you ain't seen nothing yet what a bunch of insensitive fans

  • Purplethink - 5 months ago

    I can't use "everypony" in spanish

  • Andrew - 5 months ago

    If that’s season 9 finale then all around the world will give a anything to you like “Thank you & farewell “

  • Misscellanio - 5 months ago

    I def. do it online on servers and forums and shit. I have a group chat with a bunch of friends and say them there too.
    I do also say it to them in person and to people at conventions.
    I will say them around my non-pony friends but not seriously just kinda joking around.

  • Joshua Moudy - 5 months ago

    Really, when you get down to it, "everypony" means the exact same thing as "everybody", or "everyone". What difference would it make?

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