Did the last hour of Surviving R Kelly hurt the documentary?


  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 5 years ago

    I don't have cable so I didn't see it, but from what I heard, it was damaging enough to R.Kelly so the last hour would not have hurt it. My worry is that the folks who needed to watch this, did not.

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 5 years ago

    The docuseries made me feel sad, guilty, & ashamed. It was SO hard to watch. I wasnt old enough to have done anything besides question why my aunts & uncles thought it was ok, but rather than dissect & analyze, I would shrug & "Step in the Name of Love", literally falling in line with everyone else. (Side note - I really love that song. It's hard????) Those girls were around my age at one point, would I have been believed? It makes me feel retroactively unprotected, if that makes any sense. And while Beyoncé is King, I really hope my queen has a contingency plan for what 2019 may be planning because, well...you know...????????‍♂️

  • Dexter Frost - 5 years ago

    Much like yourself, my heroes have always been my parents. I've never really understood the worship of someone that you don't know. That's just my life, no offense to those who came up in a different manner. That said, R Kelly is not only toxic but venomous. He has allegedly spread his poison to the most susceptible individuals in our community, our young women. To hell those who would defend this "monster" and blame the victims of this abuse, and to hell with those who can't find any empathy for the parents that have been put in these positions. I watched the whole thing and was horrified, disgusted and angered by this trash individual, and those who were complicit in hurting these children. I'm encouraged by seeing that the light is once again being placed on this piece of shit, and hope that he is finally brought to justice.

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    This series makes me feel horrible but what's worse is these defenders that keep trying to deflect at every turn about the whole situation. The what about (insert white person) folks and such. The people that say why after so long no you want to say something, or the we knew he was like this all this time but now you have a problem with him. I grew up in Texas, a whole bunch of this stuff was new information to me and I wasn't even a teenager when I believe I can fly was released. We were failed by the generation before us that let this man cook, while also shaping their younger family members to think this was a whole conspiracy to destroy his image because of Step in the name of love. I want all the survivors to find peace and the families get the loved ones that they have lost back.

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