Do you support a ban on smoking in multi-unit buildings?

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  • mac - 4 months ago

    Research has conclusively shown that the average non-smoking housewife in the US who cleans her home one day a week with average cleaning products from a supermarket puts toxins into the air and on surfaces of her home (and into other units of multi-unit dwellings via third-hand heating vent pollution) that are equivalent in quantity to smoking one pack of cigarettes per day for seven days. Her one day of cleaning makes her equal, toxically, to a pack a day smoker.
    Shall we ban, not just tobacco smoking, but all the legal but air-toxic habits by which non-smokers pollute themselves and their children? How about increased taxes for people who have sexual intercourse and reproduce, given that those activities increase public health costs, too? Wouldn't it be nicer if people finally figured out that bowing down before the health puritan gods did not make them more moral?

  • Larry - 11 months ago

    I would like to see smoking banned everywhere. It is by no means a healthy habit and one just has to look at the ingredients to see it is just poison . People who smoke stink and are offensive. I would like to see the province refuse medical coverage to all that smoke.

  • Sandy - 11 months ago

    Just going outside to have the ‘smoke’ is not an option in many places as their are regulations as to how close to buildings smoking is permitted. As a former smoker at a non smoker friends multi unit residence I would have to make my way clear off the property.

  • CB - 11 months ago

    As a non-tabacco smoker, I recognize people's frustration with irresponsible smokers.
    However, there needs to be a distinct difference between 'smell' and 'smoke' when it comes to these laws.

    My neighbors treat a smell that lingers for a few minutes like someone is blowing their cigarettes/joints right under their doorframe. I can't have a quick 3-puff smoke out on the patio, or get dropped off smelling like pot without it sending my neighbors into a conniption fit (yes, they are old).
    Meanwhile, their god-awful perfume and cologne floods into my apartment every time they enter the corridor. We both make a 'stink' that is noticeable to the other person for a few minutes every couple of hours, but they treat my 'stink' like it's the end of the world.

    Makes me wonder about the lady who is pushing for this smoking ban in multi-family units. Can she just smell the occasional scent from her neighboring unit, or is her neighbor smoking in the unit with the doors and windows closed and letting it all seep into the hallway and adjoining units.

  • Neville West - 11 months ago

    Multi family units are not airtight. I can smell it everytime a downstairs neighbor lights up ( every 15 minutes until about 3 a.m.) This impacts my health even if it only wakes me up many times a night..but we all know this is much more damaging than that. And yes I agree most smokers stink. I chose not to. Smokers could do a number of things to mitigate their habits including free government supplied patcges to just quit smoming. Let them use patches at home. It is the same drug. Most smokers don't have a clue how unpleasant having your home invaded by their bad habit is. Stink and you should be required to stink alone. Special smokers only buildings would be almost free because no one in tgeir right mind wants to live with this poison creeping under walls and along electrical and plumbing cavities.

  • Barbara Elliott - 11 months ago

    Perhaps mandating that smokers purchase a high quality air purifier with smoke filters? Air quality in non-smoker units can be measured if dispute? Walking by a smoker who clothing only smells of smoke and is not smoking at the time does not mean the air is contaminated. By the way, I am a non-smoker and a mother. I would rather have a smoker upstairs than a nasty drunk but no one is calling for a ban on drinking in the unit.

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