Do you like the choice of Matt LaFleur as the Packers' new head coach?

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  • Roger Pyes - 2 years ago

    Maybe a bit underwhelmed since Matt has never been responsible for an entire football team. Not that he can't do it, just has not had that significant experience. However, once officially announced and he is the Packers HC, have to support him. If he was unqualified Mark M would not have hired him. But, lots of on the job training his first year. Hope he is surrounded by much experience and wisdom. We all need him to be the next McVay or Nady. No pressure Matt!

  • gary conners - 2 years ago

    To all you negative thinking idiots you probably would not have hired Lombardi ,McCarthy because of subpar records tell me how was that Bengston hire after Lombardi left. I have to assume that McDaniels was only interested in Cleveland his home town. Face the facts instead of relying on your hunches, this was a very weak selection for head coaches. We needed someone younger with fresh ideas this guy studied under a couple successful and good quarterbacks the man knows how to run an offense. Football is a game won in the trenches

  • Southside - 2 years ago

    By the way, Ted Thompson was not hired by Murphy. Credit goes to former Packer President Bob Harlan. Check your facts before posting such nonsense.

  • Southside - 2 years ago

    Great hire. He and Rogers will work great together. For those of you wanting Fangio, he's going to end up in Denver. He had no interest in the Packers.

  • Rich - 2 years ago

    Wow!! Lot of people throwing LaFleur, Gute, and Murphy under the bus before the ink is dry!! For those that think Murphy doesn't know anything about football, read the 'Murphy Takes Five" on I will take his experience and background over these naysayers any day and twice on Tuesdays!!

  • Benjamin Fischer - 2 years ago

    I am surprised by some fan's being so against this hire. If I hear one more person mention the Titan's offensive rankings from last year, I will puke! Matt LaFleur has a great pedigree, young, strong offensive mind. I'd much rather go with a fresh face, rather than re-tread Gase and flakey McDaniels. Great hire!

  • Scotty - 2 years ago

    It's going to be the same old story. Offense getting all of the talent and the defense being the b***tard step child. Aaron in a shootout in every game and he isn't getting any younger. Oh well, maybe this is only a 1 year deal?

  • TK - 2 years ago

    I'll go against conventional wisdom of hiring an offensive compliment to ARod. I was hoping for a defensive mind set coach who would hire a good O coordinator that would install a system to make Aaron continue to flourish. ARod has been able to turn average talents into stars and should be able to continue that. We need stout defense that will not make it just being a shoot out and Aaron having to outscore the other team.

  • EL TEJON TEJANO - 2 years ago

    Here come 5 straight 8-8 seasons, sorry to say!

  • Dave Koenigs - 2 years ago

    This is a shrewd hire. LaFluer in his time in Atlanta raised the standard of play of a veteran QB in Matt Ryan. He also raised the play of Goff, a young QB. If Rodgers doesn't respect him, that's on Rodgers.who's supposed to be a team leader. This is not just about the next 3-4 years either. If LaFluer does his job, he'll be around for the next QB. His track record is such that he'll be able to handle that transition as well.

  • Devo - 2 years ago

    Some of you guys need to wake up. For the McDaniels lovers, how can you justify the hiring of a man with no personal integrity? Indy hired some of his assistant coaching choices and they started uprooting their families. When McDaniels changed his mind, he did not even let them know. You Fangio lovers forget that he does not want to be a head coach and is not interviewing with anyone. Hiring for either offense or defense is a temporary reaction to current circumstances and is not recommended. Just hire a good manager of people who has football skills--that is where personal interviews come in. All these hiring preferences based on paper resumes are silly. LaFleur may be able to connect with Rodgers--he was a QB in college and Rodgers is on record saying he preferred a QB coach who had been a QB in the past. Certainly it cannot hurt the head coach. And age is irrelevant here. If Rodgers feels like the offense will be opened up to the way he wants it, there will be no problems with the coach. Go Packers!

  • papa - 2 years ago

    Matt LaFleur has come long way who knows if he can Coach the fans in Green bay Pray as I do may be he will raise his stick and AR wil come back with Love and want to win again for them before he Leaves

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    Why because he is 39 years old do you automatically think he is not a disciplinarian.........good young offensive mind....great hire!!!

  • Mutt Bunkey - 2 years ago

    How does a 39 year old coach tell a 35 year old Aaron Rodgers what to do ? This job isn't working a shift at the local McDonald's. If A-Rod doesn't like what he hears or is told, will he sandbag another coach ? (Not saying McCarthy didn't need to go.........). Yeah......I appreciate what Rodgers has done in the time he's been in Green Bay and winning another Super Bowl was great. I don't think the team's management can put in the right pieces around Rodgers for him to win again in Green Bay. If he wants to win, he'll have to go elsewhere, and maybe it's time he opts out of his new long-term contract. Did he not want to play for McCarthy anymore, or does he want out of Green Bay ? He's not a very good leader. Leaders get players to play out of their minds and over their heads. If a drafted player doesn't come to Green Bay already good, A-Rod won't make that player any better. In fact, if a player isn't good, Rodgers will likely throw shade at him on the field in front of 80,000 people. Don't be eye-rolling a player for running the wrong route when you weren't able to get him the ball no matter what route he won. Dark days, here we come. Anyone know where Dan Devine's dog is ???

  • Dave Ballering - 2 years ago

    Well, I had full confidence they'd blow this, and here it is... How in the F do you pass up Josh McDaniel for this guy?! Murphy hired Ted Thompson jr. for GM and now this move?! Sheesh.... Well, at least we have another TE in free agency and 6 more cornerbacks to look forward to in 2019!

  • Todd Russ - 2 years ago

    Lafleur was not my first choice...however i think he is a good choice. He has worked with some really good coaches and has a history of challenging his players (QB's). Pettine will play an important role to support him...much like Wade Philips has with McVay. Will he be successful? Hard to say, but I think he has the personality needed to put together a strong staff and that is important.

  • Milt Fenderman - 2 years ago

    I have no confidence in Murphy’s ability to hire a head coach. Fortunately for LaFleur, he can always manage a Pizza Hut in the Titletown District if the coaching job doesn’t work out.

  • john Krawczyk - 2 years ago

    Big Risk. They signed him awfully fast. I was unimpressed with the rest of the list they interviewed for sure. I wanted Fangio as well. We will see if this works, but I am doubtful. If they don't draft better and sign some quality free agents, it won't matter.

  • Daniel Stodola - 2 years ago

    Can you vote more emphtically than yes?! I nailed that one predciting LaFleur would be hired, early in the processs when I read about him.

  • Brad Thompson - 2 years ago

    Not sure what to make of this yet but the way I see it the biggest weakness has been the defense and that is where the focus should be at least in the short term. The Packers gave up way too many points to poor teams this past season. There seemed to be a total lack of discipline and accountability on both ends of the ball. Not sure when the last coach lost the team but it seems we won't have to wait too long into the fall this year to see how this goes. I wish them luck!

  • mike - 2 years ago

    Not a good hire. We don't need another OC, we need someone who has demonstrated he can be in control of the whole team, staff and players alike. We need someone who has been. winner. The Packer HC position is a coveted position, I think the GM jumped too soon, before weighing everything out and also waiting for the playoffs to conclude. The GM has destroyed the integrity of the team, to create his team. I have been a life long Packer fan (50+ years). I think we are headed back to the dark days of the 70's and 80's

  • Joe - 2 years ago

    Jeff Farber - I was hoping the next HC would have a strong defensive background (Chicago;s Fangio). To your point, they need a guy who will hold his staff and the players accountable. MM was NOT that guy. LeFleur is an interesting choice, but he has to adjust now and be a HC, not an OC. I’d rather see a HC oversee the whole team, and not just one unit. MM was a glorified OC. That’s why Capers stayed so long, and why STs has been a disaster. One thing’s for sure, there will be no honeymoon for LeFleur. He’ll be expected to get them back in the playoffs. Now Gluten has to plug the glaring holes in edge rusher, right side of O line, the entire safety group, and probably add a veteran WR to complement Adams. Oh and we need a real, seam-splitting TE. Time will tell and time is short.

  • JEFF FARBER - 2 years ago

    A.R. will chew up and spit up this guy! What happened to getting a disciplinarian coach that this team truly needs!

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