Will R Kelly ever go to jail?


  • Iman - 5 years ago

    I truly hope they get him eventually. I also went on YouTube and watched the BBC segment about R Kelly and it actually links up with the Lifetime show. The parents are working really hard to get their daughters back and you could feel their anguish and guilt. I can admit that after the article came out last year I was upset with them, but I’ve always felt bad for them. The documentary helped me understand the timeline of when and how things happened. He has some crafty people surrounding and supporting him, so it’s going to take a lot of work to bring him down. But I think it will happen.

  • Mel - 5 years ago

    I voted no because I think R Kelly will escape the country before they’re able to find something to charge him with. I feel another Jim Jones incident coming out of this situation. The only way they could quickly convict him of something is if there was a small child born to this cult and the child had a medical threat like the children of Waco Texas but even that cult ended with people dying.
    I have a question does anyone remember the pied piper film being shown in school? I do and it was spooky as hell back then. I knew when R Kelly gave himself that name and put those flutes in Step in the name of love, that he had gone all the way mad.
    I’ve been done with R Kelly since the trial because he wasn’t innocent he got off on a technicality because of lost time. I tried for awhile to separate the art from the artist but hearing his voice became sickening over time.
    I would hope the women in this cult would be freed and he would be convicted because I’m afraid of what my happen to them if he runs out of money or leaves the country.

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