Do You Find The Mural To Be Creepy?

  • sheila - 2 years ago

    The young girl looks like the infamous Lizzie Borden. Some rake should paint an axe next to her to complete the picture. By the way in every other way this mural is the best of the lot. Faint praise. The whole concept is idiotic and probably enormously expensive. Also, what happens when the various building owners decide to remove the works. The visual arts rights act or VARA may be cited. In that case those owners are in for a big surprise. A Queens building owner had to pay out $6,5oo,ooo to various “artists” because he whitewashed over their “art” and was sued. Wake up folks!

  • Faith Deutsch - 2 years ago

    I think her expression is filled with reproach. I think it is very unwelcoming and reflects poorly on Larchmont. I think it would have been better to ask Mamk sr art students to paint something that reflects their experience growing up in Larchmont as they prepare to leave for college.

  • Eduardo Orue - 2 years ago

    A quick inquiry may reveal what they are about, maybe. From a distance or while passing through, it does nothing to provoke meaningful discussions. Simply being a catalyst for discourse isn’t enough, the subject matter is entirely lost and simply leaves what we know them as, an eyesore.

  • Jim - 2 years ago

    What about a scene showing how the village looked in 1900

  • You Knowme - 2 years ago

    Viewed from my office window 10 hours each day. It's beautiful.

  • Sam Rogers - 2 years ago

    Larchmont looking like the Boca in Buenos Aires! Very artsy. A welcome splash of color in an area once featured in the NYT due to retail vacancies. Did not know about the history of the Palmer name.

  • Resident - 2 years ago

    The town should be focusing on filling the many, many empty storefronts first before making an awkward attempt at coming off as an artist community

  • Larchmont Acres family - 2 years ago

    Not at all creepy. It's a nice mural. A little bit art and a little bit history. Kudos to the artist.

  • George Heimberger - 2 years ago

    If it provoked thought and discussion, it succeeded

  • George Heimberger - 2 years ago

    If the art provoked thought and discussion then it has succeeded. A chacun son gout!

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