Should that meteorologist have been fired?

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Posted 6 months.


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 5 months ago

    On the meteorologist's "slip" felt odd. It would definitely be something I'd want to discuss with him. I do wonder if there had been previous indication of him feeling like this off air & the culmination of things getting him fired...ah well????????‍♀️ On Kevin Hart smearing the shit rather than wiping it up...he seems to be over-indignant about not just making sure that ALL of his fans' feelings have been addressed in his "apology". What's the harm in saying you're sorry when you've hurt someone with the AWFUL things you've said(looking at you, Louis CK)? I'd understand if he'd shown an inkling of understanding WHY it was wrong & WHY he needs to apologize. You cant just go around screaming "I'm a good person - I'm done apologizing!" You're either sorry or you're not. And to make yourself the victim - that was LOW. I even understand that the original intent of the tweets resurfacing was nefarious. Why not apologize? It's beginning to feel like he can't say he's sorry because he ISN'T sorry. And I don't know why Ellen was so ready jump in front of the bullets. Wow????

  • Amani - 5 months ago

    I was waiting for my man to say he was listening to Kendrick before the show and had King Kunta on the brain and just flipped it.

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