How much money extra would you pay for an OLED panel on a Macbook Pro / iMac Pro

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  • Vincent - 1 year ago

    I want 120Hz not some garbage that burns in. Yes there will be people who will buy it, but Apple stock and sales will tank even more if Apple actually does something so stupid.

  • Leo - 1 year ago

    Where is the option: I don't want OLED on my laptop.

    OLED is not durable (color degeneration, burn-in)
    OLED doesn't extend battery life (only for true blacks, but turning oled from off to on is slow, which you will notice when scrollen white text on a true black background. To prevent that UI's use a very dark grey to prevent parts of the oled to turn of)
    OLED is more expensive

  • Willboy - 1 year ago

    Mac laptop with decent storage is already too expensive for me. After six Apple laptops and one Mini I prepare myself to moving back to pc.

  • Vincent Kirk - 1 year ago

    Apple products are overpriced already. Please don’t encourage them in thinking that people will keep paying extra.

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