Should Sylvan Lake spend $25 million to build Pogadl Park? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes. Building a park from the ground up is expensive.

  • No. There are other things that money could be spent on.

  • I'd like to see how the expense will be broken down before I make a decision.

Posted 6 months.


  • Janet - 5 months ago

    We should be enhancing and renovating the things we already have here like downtown renovating storefronts as tourists come here and there are a lot of buildings that need a facelift and empty ones that the town should be encouraging more businesses to invest here so that the town has a thriving economy in the winter too also the few historical buildings we have should be saved and used as coop space for artists or a mini museum something to add depth and interest for people visiting . We already have these faculties like these in town so upgrade the ones we have or build an outdoor rodeo area that can be used for bands and shows also that would diversify the infrastructure we have here into something tangible that can bring money to the town . 25 million is way too high for something only a few people will use . Use the money to add value and diversity to their trips here and for people who live here . Bring traveling theatre groups in the good weather to use the rodeo stage then there would be an area for more community festivals and events even making the market area there ? We also need more parking a simple parking lot or gravel field would be sufficient as it’s nit needed year round so a waste of money to put in something tarmaced as it will lie dormant in the winter . Renovate downtown make it more awesome than it already is and bring more businesses here to fill up the empty buildings . Make this a destination town all year round ????????????????❤️

  • Geraldine - 5 months ago

    Should this project go ahead, I would hole that the jobs it creates will stay in Sylvan Lake.

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